Kashrus Alert: Rosh Yeshiva Finds Treife Turkey in Kosher Display

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A Matzav.com reader shuddered after he almost took home a package of treife turkey.

The shopper, a rosh yeshiva in Lakewood, NJ, was at the Costco store on Route 70 in nearby Brick, NJ, when he wished to purchase a package of Empire Slow Roasted Turkey Breast. He picked up the package and was about the place it in his wagon when he realized that it was actually Plainville Farms Over Roasted Organic Turkey Breast – a treife product.

“The two turkey breast packages look remarkably similar and one who is not paying attention can easily pick up the treife one without knowing better,” the customer told Matzav.

It is assumed that a different, non-kosher-observant shopper had placed the treife meat in the kosher display, not realizing the possible detrimental result.

As always, be vigilant.

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  1. Perhaps if he was looking to buy a היימישע brand that would not have happened.
    And likely if he bought in one of the Yiddishe owned businesses in Lakewood he would have been ניצול.

  2. Are you kidding me? Does anyone really purchase stuff in non Jewish groceries and not look to make sure its the kosher material? Even if its in the so called kosher section ?!?!
    I also purchase in Costco but I look at the product to make sure its what its supposed to be (BTW mealmart cold cuts are really good and much cheaper then anywhere else)

  3. Two questions :

    What was a Rosh Yeshiva doing shopping in Costco? Drei zach arum mit goyim? Si paas nisht. If he truly needed something there he should of sent his wife.

    Why was this Rosh Yeshiva buying Empire?

    • IF you are saying “Si paas nisht” for someone who is a Rosh Yeshiva to shop in COSTCO, then it is equally — or even more so — “Si paas nisht” for his wife to go there!!!!!!!

    • Yes, Empire, and the Kashrus Division of the OU (which gives the Hechsher on Empire) are now “Heimishe” operations, staffed with “Heimishe” “Yeshivishe” people. One of the top Rabbonim of the Kashrus Division of the OU was one of the previous Gedolay HaDor, Rav Yisroel Belsky, ZT’L.

  4. Matzav…….you have gone one rung lower on my ladder….its a non kosher store….things get misplaced and its a Yids job to be conscience of what theyre buying…..but regardless that headline is a shameful attempt to get ppl to read ur articles

  5. Rather than commenting on the occurrence and the inherent warning to the kosher consumer, most of the comments are attacking this rabbi, the hechsher that he uses, or where he shops.
    1. Do any of you know who this Rosh Yeshiva is?
    2. Would any of you know why he was at Costco? Perhaps it was on a night when the frum stores were already closed, or, better yet, since these commenters most probably aren’t donating money to this person’s yeshiva, he has far more important things to do with his money than patronizing frum stores with their inflated prices. Try sending him a check, and THEN ask him why Costco!
    3. Drei zich arum mit goyim…. pas nisht….should “of” sent his wife….
    I wasn’t aware that roshey yeshiva are allowed to marry shikses, so, sending one’s wife to mingle with goyim is probably far more problematic. Unfortunately, among chasidim such attitudes aren’t novel – a man will allow his wife to go places that he wouldn’t be found dead at, or eat with a hashgacha that he wouldn’t dream of putting into his own mouth. Supposedly, the wives are as Jewish as the husbands.
    By the way, how do you know that his wife hasn’t just given birth, or is out of town visiting her ill mother, or whatever else the scenario may be?
    4. He should have bought a heimishe brand, rather than Empire. Perhaps the rabbi knows something that you don’t, and recognizes the kashrus standards of Empire to be superior to some heimishe brand, that has myriad Hebrew stamps from every conceivable heimishe organization, but isn’t any more kosher. Besides, maybe the rabbi didn’t want his wife to pluck feathers before cooking his dinner, redoing what the super heimishe company should have done in the first place.
    Moreover, what exactly does “heimishe” mean? That the owners of that business plus the ruv hamachshir have a sheine heim, built with the money they overcharged, or that they engage in real estate, on the side? Perhaps it means that they speak fluent Hungarian, as chasidim did in the old country, or at least English with some atrocious accent.
    It is far more important for the shochet be be fluent in Yore Deah and be good with his hands, than for him to belong to a group that adheres to this or that rebbe, dressesin outlandish clothes, or to have his spouse shave her head.
    5. Vechei achicho…. good thought. This rabbi is also achicho, just as the frum storekeeper is. Chasa Torah al memonom shel Yisroel, and if that applies to The Oron Hakodesh, is certainly does to turkey.

    • Marc, gut gezuckt. The head shaving thing gave me a good belly laugh.
      Al kol panim, there is an issue of maaros eyin. If like you say, we bend over backwards and contort ourselves into pretzels in order to be daan lekav zchus as to why this Rosh Yeshiva was shopping in Costco, nonetheless, if lemaaseh you paskin that he shouldn’t of been there to begin with, then regardless of the valid reasons you gave, it would still remain a serious issue of Maaris Eyin. There is no chiyuv to buy turkey roll. Nu nu, you miss one week of turkey roll, nothing is going to happen. You’ll survive. Mir geyt vaater. Would we of seen the Chazon Ish or the Brisker Rav ZT”L going into such stores even to save ah bissel gelt? I disagree with you on the wife issue. There is nothing wrong with a wife of a Rosh Yeshiva going into such stores. That is part of their achrayus, to do the shopping and davka go where they CAN save money. I don’t see what’s wrong with that at all. It’s generally not a tznius issue.
      My only eitzah, if a Rosh Yeshiva MUST go to such stores, is going with a group of bochurim surrounding him. This way, when others observe them, they will realize that the Rabbi is teaching his students, the proper way to shop, with derech eretz and shmiras einayim, etc…

  6. Marc Hauptman,
    Your Sinaas Yisroel is legendary. Your vicious vitriol comes across in many of your comments. Perhaps you might wish to develop some Ahavas Yisroel: it might hasten the geula.

  7. This article is posted for one reason only – to sharpen consumer eyes & remind shoppers to recheck & make no assumptions.

    All other comments are off base!

  8. first of all, the colon in the title of the story was misplaced. it meant to say, “Alert R”Y finds treife…”
    Second, not every person w/ a beard is a R”Y.

  9. The bottom line in ALL 29 comments is the old English Maxim { saying}: MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS !!!!!!! Don’t look in the Rosh Yshiva’s plate as to what he eats .. where he shops… MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS !!!!!!! Don’t peek from your curtain to see what the Roshe Yeshiva’s wife is wearing, where she is going, what she eats, who she spoke to at the store, how long or short her sheitel and dress are …. !!!!!!! MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS !!!!!!! Live YOUR OWN LIFE… Don’t live the Rosh Yeshiva’s life. Keshoit Atzmoch, Ve’ Achar Kach Keshoit Acherim…. STOP ALL THIS PURE GOSIPPING !!!!!! LOSON HORO>>> you heard the latest??!!!! HE, she drove a motorcycle….. As we say in England:: GET A LIFE>>>>>>>!!!!!! If you had a life, all this STUPID GOSSIPING would mean ZERO…. !! Ki HAKOL HOVEL>>>>>>>>> Learn SOME Sefer Cofetz Chaim and Mesecheth Avos OVER AND OVER AGAIN>>>>>>> I bet you that I will never see you here again…… KOL YEMEI CHAYACHO, LE RABOS HALAILOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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