Kashrus Supervision On Haircuts

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Modi’in Illit initiated supervision over men’s hairdressers to ensure adherence to the halachos of hakofas harosh and shaving.

Hairdressers closed their businesses for two hours to attend a special shi’ur delivered by the rov of the city, Rav Meir Kessler.

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  1. We really need this kind of education in the United States. I have observed many Orthodox young men sporting hairstyles that they believe makes them look cool in the eyes of others, but to my understanding they are inconsistent with Halacha.

  2. Next step is that if you don’t pay for your certification they will blacklist you and you’ll lose your business. Mafia

    • So what in your eyes is the solu3?
      No one suggests one who doesn’t adhere to the Halacha should be blacklisted, but you’ll admit that something should be done, right?


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