Keep Davening for Chaim Yosef Meir ben Miriam Henya

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tehillimLakewood, NJ – We ask Yidden around the world to keep davening for the thirteen-year-old bar mitzvah boy who was hit in the head last week by a baseball bat.

The bochur, whose bar mitzvah took place last Shabbos, is at Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, NJ, where he was treated for serious head injuries after a flying bat hit him in the head the day before Taanis Esther. A name, Chaim, was added, so the bochur‘s full name for Tehillim is Chaim Yosef Meir ben Miriam Henya.

We here at and others around the globe are immensely inspired by the strength and emunah of Yosef Meir’s father and mother. Their gevurah and the way they have responded to this nisayon is nothing short of remarkable. They have placed their trust in Hakadosh Boruch Hu, Who is the true Rofei Chol Bosor. We are davening for their son, and we are davening that they continue to have the strength to face this challenge. We thank them for being such phenomenal role models as they serve as exemplary maaminim.

Chaim Yosef Meir is in need of great rachamei Shomayim, so please continue davening for Chaim Yosef Meir ben Miriam Henya, may he have a refuah shelaimah bekarov.

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  1. We are davening in yerushalayim! Everyone please daven and tell your friends and family to do so as well! Hashem should answer our tfillos and send him a refuah shelaima b’karov!

  2. I hope Chaim Yosef Meir ben Miriam Henya is completely healed, and can return to his studies, have a family and a long and healthy life.

  3. We daven for the injured boy, but we should also doven for the boy who accidentally hurt him. That boy is also suffering, grieving that he hurt another so badly and wondering how it could happen and how to deal with the guilt. And his parents are also suffering. We should doven for all involved.

  4. I heard (but didn’t verify) that the bat flew out of the boy’s hand. It seems as if Hashem wanted to lessen his pain and guilt.


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