Kellogg’s Expands its OU Kosher Certification

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For almost 4 decades, the Orthodox Union certified a wide range of Kellogg Company brand products. These include such brands as Keebler, Austin, Murray, Mother’s, Famous Amos, Kashi, Kellogg’s, Eggo, Special K, Pringles, Pure Organic, and a host of others.

Now, the Orthodox Union has announceed that the Kellogg Company has expanded its OU kosher certification to include their Morning Foods products of Kellogg’s brand cereals and nutri-grain bar products. Included in this OU kosher certification are almost all Kellogg’s brand cereals and nutri-grain bar products whose packaging bear the “k” designation. Products with a plain “k” are certified OU pareve and products with a “kd” and “kde” are certified OU dairy and OU dairy equipment respectively. The only exception is Mini Shredded Wheat which is not OU kosher certified even when packaging bear a “k”.
In the coming months new packaging will reflect the OU logo.
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  1. If Matzav chose this picture to use for this article perhaps the editors should speak with the OU because the bottom left corner shows a box of Frosted Mini Wheats which it seems is not under the OU (as per the article posted). if I am correct then perhaps a different picture should be used so as not to confuse the readers

  2. “K also means not kosher as is the case with Mini Wheats.”

    no, it means someone other than the OU certifies it as kosher. so, unless you know who is behind the k, dont eat it. it could theoretically be certified by the most respected hechsher in the world, or certified kosher by donald duck. buyer beware.

  3. So for the ones that have just a k certification, so do we need to wait for the new packaging to come w/ an ou certification? Or is it ok to use a product that currently only has the k certification?

  4. To the best of my knowledge, the OU does not use DE (Dairy equipment).
    It’s either OU (Parve) or OUD (dairy – which includes dairy equipment) [or meat].


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