Ken Paxton: Open Border Situation Would Allow Terrorist Network

Washington Post photo by Carolyn Van Houten
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The threat of terrorism may be as close to home as the U.S.-Mexico border, where people from 150 different countries have been crossing, unvetted, into the United States, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton warned on Newsmax Thursday after the deadly terrorist bombing at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan.

“We don’t vet them; we don’t know what they’re doing,” Paxton said on Newsmax’s “American Agenda.”

“We don’t know what their purpose is. We just let them in, and then, secretly, the federal government moves them around the country.”

And that, said Paxton, is “exactly how” terrorists would create a nationwide network.

“We already have over 200,000 people a month who are now crossing our border,” said Paxton. “That’s the ones we know about. Those are the ones that turn themselves in.”

And when you add in the situation in Afghanistan, where several U.S. Marines were among the dead after two terrorist bombings near the airport, where thousands are trying to flee Afghanistan, Paxton said he’s “shocked” at what has happened.

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