Kentucky Clerk ‘Under God’s Authority’ Refuses to Certify Toeivah Marriage

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kentuckyThe Kentucky county clerk whose request to deny issuing marriage licenses to same-gender couples was denied by the Supreme Court on Monday has continued to refuse same-gender couples “under God’s authority.”

When Kim Davis came out to waiting couples Tuesday, she was asked “under whose authority” she was denying them licenses.

“Under God’s authority,” she said.

Attorneys have already filed a motion to find her guilty of contempt of court, after the high court ruled against the Rowan County Clerk in her appeal to refuse issuing same-gender marriage licenses based on her Christian convictions. Read more at the Courier-Journal.



  1. they’re not satisfied enough to have their way they need everyone to be complicit aswell and will be rodef anyone who disagrees.

  2. she should stick to her REFUSAL – appeal the decision of the court. There should be FREDDOM OF RELIGION FOR ALL THE PEOPLE including County Clerks

  3. The Supreme Court is no longer supreme. Except for a few, they’re a bunch of politically correct, left wing loony activists. They ruled themselves into oblivion.

  4. It is crucial for us to make it glaringly clear to everyone — and especially to the wicked government officials who are threatening Mrs Davis — that we totally support her actions.


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