Kentucky Hero Kim Davis Released From Jail

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kentuckyRowan County, Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis was released from a jail by a judge’s order today. Davis was held in contempt of court for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-gender couples, citing her religious beliefs.

On Friday, the clerk’s office altered marriage licenses to remove Davis’s name from them.

U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning said the issuance of the licenses by the clerk’s office means “the court’s prior contempt sanction against defendant Davis is hereby lifted.”

The judge warned Davis not to interfere with the issuance of licenses. Davis met with Mike Huckabee and then left the courthouse to a large crowd of supporters. Read more at

{CB Newscenter}


  1. The corrupt punk, David Bunning, only let her out because he was afraid of a riot by the G-d fearing citizens of Rowan County. I hope Ms. Davis sues the court for her illegal imprisonment.

  2. Sorry not a hero. The proper approach is resigning. One does not take (steal) money from the government if one is unwilling to carry out the job, whatever the reason for objecting.

  3. How is she a hero?

    Her christian values are similar to those that asked the blame to be on jews too.

    Sick mind with sick laughter.

    Give her no credit. She is now the christian love child for human blame.

    America is constitutional. The supreme court has battled the issue. Jewish thought does not marry the partners, but the communities can have their common due.

    Find her contempt of court is not fear of G-d but fear of the devil.

    She is a waste.

  4. Who said she is our hero. A person should give up their job if it goes against the Torah. This is a mefurash Halacha.

    That said, she is calling attention to the fact that there has been a “power grab” of rights through his legislation, that is putting every religious person on the defensive.

  5. This probably this fits the translation of Sha’as Ha’shmad.
    How will this soon enough affect religious people in other jobs associated with gov’t?

  6. Many people don’t really know what’s going on,since the jewish media downplay these issues. How will they pasken what is or is not a shaas hashmad ( if they don’t know the mitziyus)?

  7. Don’t underestimate the power of mass civil disobedience. Ghandi brought down the mighty British empire using nonviolent disobedience methods. If enough people will disobey, the little tyrants in black robes will no longer be able to pervert the constitution.

  8. Cohen, she’s not a goyishe tzaddick. Not by a long shot. She was an elected official charged with performing her duties within the law of the land. The Fed ordered her to do her job, and she refused. She should have either quit or been fired (in this case, jail worked). If her religious principles made doing her job impossible, she should have recused herself. She did this BECAUSE she knew she’d make a splash. Google her background, she’s anything but righteous.

  9. Righteous? How so? Just because she’s against Toeivah? She’s divorced three times and married four times. She’s had two children out of Is this the new Yiddishe definition of righteous?


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