Kerry: I Know Israel Won’t Accept Turning West Bank into Gaza

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secretary-of-state-john-kerryU.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said in an interview broadcast Thursday on Israel Channel 2 TV: “One thing I know a hundred thousand percent is that you can’t turn to the people of Israel with the prospect that what you are offering is going to turn the West Bank into Gaza. Israel’s security is iron clad as a priority in this issue.”

Kerry said he was not asking Israelis to accept an agreement based solely on hope. “I don’t want this to be a leap of faith, but a leap of rationality and a choice based on a very understandable and tangible set of guarantees.”

Kerry says his feelings toward Israel changed 10 years ago, after he found out that he had Jewish grandparents.

“It’s a connection that’s deep. I lost a great-uncle in the Holocaust and a great-aunt. I never knew that until then. To learn that, after years of being passionate about ‘never again,’ with respect to the Holocaust, and then to understand that you are biologically and personally connected to that, is very moving,” he said in the interview with Channel 2.

Kerry found out in 2004, when he was running for president against George W. Bush, that both his father’s parents were born Jews and converted to Christianity because of anti-Semitism, and they changed their name from Cohen to Kerry when they immigrated to the U.S.

Kerry added in the interview, “I have no argument with anyone in Israel who says that no deal is better than a bad deal. I say that myself….I’m not in the business of trying to put together a bad deal.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. It shows that resistance and standing steadfast works. I don’t trust this man nor his boss for nothing. The Israelis have to watch him very carefully to avoid regrettable mistakes

  2. “that both his father’s parents were born Jews and converted to Christianity because of anti-Semitism”

    Yeh, that makes a lot of sense!

  3. If his family is Jewish and they converted, he must realize he is still a Jew. He has to remember they kill the Jews who are against them first and then they kill the Jews who were for them last. For the enemy a Jew is still a Jew.


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