Kerry: “Only Muslims Will Pray On Temple Mount”

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KERRYSecretary of State John Kerry said at the end of meetings over Shabbos with King Abdullah and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas that Netanyahu agreed to a series of significant steps on the Har Habayis, designed to defuse tensions between Israel and the Palestinians.

Kerry added that Israel agreed to round-the-clock video monitoring at the Temple Mount. Also, Muslims could pray there and non-Muslims will only be able to visit the Har Habayis.

According to Kerry, the representatives of Israel and Jordan will meet soon to coordinate these measures intended to restore calm in light of the recent terror wave. Before today’s meeting with King Abdullah and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Kerry met with Netanyahu in Germany.

{Jerusalem Online, Israel}


  1. This is insane! This is like saying only Native Americans can worship in the Plains States because, after all, this land was “occupied” (read “stolen”) by Christian Americans.

  2. I’m glad Kerry has to tell Yidden not to go on Har Habayis. The prohibitions of our gedolim shlita obviously mean nothing to some people.

  3. so let me get this right-when the Israeli Supreme Court decides jewish homes have to be demolished on the flimsiest of evidence ,the homes have to be demolished but when this same Court rules all religions have the right to pray on the Temple Mount the PM and police are free to disregard their ruling???

  4. Hey fool, just to let u know, that this is only till משיח arrives, and we still have to suffer from this מלכות זדון, but the day is coming (May it be speedily in our days) that there won’t be any Arabs to pray, even if Kerry wanted to. Oh and how will this fool grit his teeth along with his boss.

  5. Truth be told, Kerry is right on this one.

    The majority of Rabbis in both the National Religious and Chardal communities have ruled that it is prohibited for Jews to ascend to the Har HaBayit.

  6. To Comment #4 from “Lakewood Bubby” and Comment #8 from “Harry Sinden”: —- Yes, it is a strange phenomenon that many times, non-Jews need to remind us of what our own Torah tells us we are supposed to be doing. —- There is a very famous joke said that illustrates this. There is a Jewish man and his wife who are not religious, and their son is even more not religious. He is so very much not religious that when he grows up and starts going out with girls, he dates a number of non-Jewish girls. Soon, he makes a relationship with one of these non-Jewish girls and they thus get married. —- On the Saturday morning after the wedding, the father opens up his store that he and his family operate. After a long while though, his son — who almost always opens the store with him — has still not arrived. So he calls him on the phone: “Hey Mike! Where are you??? It’s now 11:30, and a lot of customers are coming in!!” So the son replies: “I’m very sorry Dad! I’ve been trying to come down for the last three hours! But my wife, ‘MARY,’ keeps telling me that today, Saturday, is the Jewish Sabbath, and us Jews are not allowed to work today!!”

  7. To Comment #6 from “Seeing through”: Yes, we must remember that this situation of Golus is temporary, and that when the Geula Shelaima happens, and may it happen very soon, Omein, things will be dramatically different for good. Right now though, we must realize that THE WAY that we will have the merits that Hashem will give us the Geula, IS by us strictly adhering to His directives that He instructs us in His Torah, which includes that right now, we are NOT to go onto the Har HaBayis. This is our greatest reverence for the Har HaBayis, that we realize that right now in Golus, we are not fit to go there, so with great reverence for it, we refrain from going there.


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