Keter Torah Closure Results in Merge With Deal Branch, Students Being Placed


keter-torah-lakewoodYeshivat Keter Torah has formally merged its Lakewood school with its Deal branch after the Lakewood mosad was forced to close its doors due to a financial shortfall, as reported here on yesterday.

The difficult decision was made by the rosh yeshiva and founder of Yeshivat Keter Torah, Rabbi Mordechai Dabbah, after consultation with Rav Matisyahu Salomon, among others.

Those Keter Torah students wishing to attend the Deal branch have been enrolled there. Those Lakewood parents who wish to keep their children local are being assisted by Yeshivat Keter Torah, and specifically the dedicated menahel Rabbi Tzvi Zev Schwartz, in placing their children in other elementary boys schools in Lakewood.

The closure has affected approximately 150 boys.

It is not yet clear what the future holds for the Lakewood campus of Yeshivat Keter Torah located on Appolo Road.

The dire pecuniary state of Lakewood’s Yeshiva Bais Hatorah has not yet been resolved. 400 students of that school were displaced following a decision last week not to open the mosad until and unless a responsible budget is formulated.

 { Newscenter}


  1. Let’s not give too much credit here – it’s common sense. They have another branch 20 minutes away, it would be stupid to not merge.

    And the 400 students from the other place will all find places.

  2. Grades Primary – 6 will learn in Oakhurst for any parent that opts for it. Grades 7 – HS will remain in Lakewood.

  3. The Yeshivah is located in Oakhurst. The community is Yeshivish especially in Long Branch and is distanced physically and Hashkafa-wise from that of mainstream Deal.

  4. Primary – 6 will be in Oakhurst for those that opt-in (transportation from Lakewood provided). 7 – HS will remain in Lakewood at Apollo location.


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