Kever of the Rambam Goes Dark Because of Unpaid Electric Bill

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kever-of-rambamEven holy sites have to pay the electric bill.  The kever of the Rambam in Tiveriah has been plunged into darkness because of a debt to the electricity company totaling $11,500.

Rabbi Yisroel Deri, one of the managers of the site, admitted today that the bill “fell between the cracks.” As a result, the kever – where people come to daven around the clock – is now closed to night visitors.

“We accumulated a debt. We didn’t pay. And we’re working on it,” Rabbi Deri said. Signs at the entrance announce that the site is closed at night “due to a power glitch.”

The Rambam was niftar in Cairo in 1204. He was later reburied in Tiveriah.

A spokeswoman for the Israel Electric Corporation, Orna Vagman, said the company “had no other choice but to disconnect the electricity” at the site because of a debt accrued over “many months.”

{Noam Newscenter/AP}


  1. today the Rambam lights up the entire WORLD with his amazing Seforim & work he put into them. get YOUR light from the light of torah & not through light bulbs & electricity.
    MAY his neshama have an aliyah

  2. Isn’t it amazing that the picture shown here can no longer be replicated live due to the “modern” obstruction running down its length?


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