Kevorim Adjacent to Barzilai Hospital Soon to be Removed


barzilai-medical-center-ashkelonThe ancient kevorim near the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon which were at the heart of a national controversy in Israel will be removed in the near future, possibly next week, a specially designated committee created by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu decided today.

During the committee meeting, headed by Prime Minister’s Office Director General Eyal Gabay, it was decided in accordance with Netanyahu’s instruction that the construction of the new emergency room at the original site should commence as soon as possible.

This was made possible due to the revocation of a former government decision to relocate the emergency room to an alternate location due to the existence of ancient kevorim on the site. The procedure would have cost the government an extra NIS 90 million (roughly $24 million) in budget funds.

The committee includes representatives of Israel’s Antiquities Authority and the Health Ministry.

Another proposal was raised by chareidi officials during the meeting, suggesting to build the ER above and below the kevorim , in such a way as would not require their removal. The proposal was rejected by the Health Ministry officials.

According to one estimate, the removal of the kevorim will commence as early as next Sunday.

The Barzilai ER construction plans were approved more than a year and a half ago and their implementation only awaits the relocation of the kevorim .

The Asra Kadisha organization heading the struggle against the kevorim’s removal is coordinating a meeting in Yerushalayim to decide on future steps and possible protests.

{Yair Newscenter/Ynet}


  1. Rabbosai, the time to protest is NOW. We must not delay another moment! We shall not allow these reshoyim to destroy these kevorim.

  2. HF/#2: That is false. The Gedolim shlita, across the board, have clearly, unambiguously and unequivocally stated these are Yiddishe kevorim.

    There can be no compromise on this matter, PER THE GEDOLIM.


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