Key Officials to be Honored at Shema Kolainu Legislative Breakfast


shema koleinuOn Wednesday, July 22, Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices, a school and center for Children with Autism, will host its Annual Legislative Breakfast at the Renaissance Ballroom located at 5902 14th in Brooklyn, New York at 8:15 AM.

Over fifteen years ago, Shema Kolainu was established by a trailblazer by the name of Dr. Joshua Weinstein when it opened its doors to three young school children – the first school and center of its kind. Today, hundreds of children benefit from Shema Kolainu’s center and home based services and programs. Currently, Shema Kolainu serves close to 1000 children in home and center based programs to children on the autism spectrum in all 5 boroughs of NYC.

Founder and CEO Dr. Joshua Weinstein declared, “This is a remarkable feat accomplished only with Hashem’s help.” Dr. Weinstein will open the program offering a warm welcome to all champions of Autism advocates. Peter Rebenwurzel, Board Chairman, will deliver greetings.

The Annual Shema Kolainu Legislative Breakfast is hosted annually to educate legislators about the urgency of Autism care and research, raise support and awareness and share ideas about working toward combating Autism through effective public policy and legislation. Communal, civic and religious leaders, philanthropists, and elected officials will be participating to pay tribute to several outstanding public officials for their role in furthering the mission of Shema Kolainu. Prominent communal leaders Abe Biderman and Abe Eisner, are both committed to Shema Kolainu’s continued mission of providing a quality education to its children, will serve as breakfast co-chairs.

Several outstanding officials will be honored for their proven dedication to increasing educational opportunities for children with Autism spectrum disorders. They are:

Dr. Merryl H. Tisch, Chancellor of the NY Board of Regents who brings many years of experience in the fields of education, community service, and philanthropy. Throughout her career, Dr. Tisch has always been a staunch supporter of helping children with special needs reach their highest potential by ensuring they receive a quality education. Her motto is: special needs children deserve the attention that they deserve, and Chancellor Tisch has been dedicated to ensuring that this philosophy is always reflective by all stakeholders. Shema Kolainu is grateful to Dr. Tisch for her commitment to their mission to enhance the quality of life of children with autism and their families.

NYC Councilmember Andrew Cohen, who chairs the Council’s Mental Health Committee, will be presented with the Appreciation Award in recognition of his leadership ensuring that the Council continues to allocate funding for the Autism Awareness Initiative, as well as his tireless efforts to ensure that New Yorkers living with disabilities continue to be represented and guaranteed equal rights.

As is already a tradition at the Shema Kolainu breakfast, Menachem Lubinsky, CEO of LUBICOM Marketing Consulting and Kalman Yeger Esq. will be masters of ceremonies.

Traditionally, the breakfast features a community based organization and this year will be no different. Tantzers is a group of volunteers of over 150 men and 50 women, founded by Zelig Friedman. Their purpose is to bring joy, strength and hope and a feeling of being cared about. The Tantzers do this by dancing and singing to the music of sensational singers. They perform at private homes of those challenged by medical illnesses i.e., cancer, autism, surgery; weddings of Jews with disabilities, ensuring joy for all.

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