Khamenei: U.S. ‘Can’t Do a Thing’ to Curb Missile Program

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Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says the U.S. and other Western powers “failed and God willing, they will continue to fail” to rein in the nation’s missile program, BREITBART reports.

Khamenei on Monday said the United States cannot “do a…thing” about the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missile program.

“They have engaged in a lot of hue and cry over Iran’s missile capabilities, but they should know that this ballyhoo does not have any influence and they cannot do a…thing,” Khamenei said, according to the semi-official Fars News Agency.




  1. “U.S. ‘Can’t Do a Thing’ to Curb Missile Program'”

    Oh yes it can. Anything from killing you, to Stuxnetting you, to glassing you.

  2. The chief islamonazi is only partially right: the US actually can, but won’t do a thing to stop the islamonazi nukes, at least while President Hussein is in office. Hillary, if elected, would continue the Obama’s presidency to lead the world towards genocide and destruction. President Trump is the man to put the islamonazis back in their place.


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