Kid Stones Middle-Aged Woman for “Immodest Garb”

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Ostensibly offended by the immodest garb of Rachel Asraf, a woman in her fifties who was on her way to visit her grandchildren, a chareidi Beit Shemesh boy hurled a stone at her. A light head injury led to her evacuation to Yerushalayim’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. Despite chareidi volunteers providing immediate first aid, the victim’s daughter, Karin Asraf, wrote a scathing diatribe of the incident on Facebook and branded the incident as worse than a terrorist attack.

She noted this was not the first such incident. Extremist had thrown stones at her own car in the past and spat at her and her mother. She concluded her message by expressing hope that the boy would realize that the correct path in life is not to harm other people’s health.

Chareidi mayor Moshe Abutbol visited the victim and Internal Security Minister Gilad Arden told the family that he would conduct an official meeting to evaluate the situation.

Karin Asraf opened a Facebook group titled, “Stopping the violence of extremist chareidim.” It received wide support.

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  1. This is not the behavior of Chareidim. It is others who are dressed like Chareidim. The Torah does not permit this! Chareidi, by definition, means one’s full adherence to the Torah. This is the behavior of arabs dressed as Chareidim.

  2. So why can’t a grandmother dress modest if she knows it’s dangerous to go into certain areas. It’s like counting ten thousand dollars in cash on a street that has drug dealers. What would the police say to a victim who did that.

  3. This is an old made up story with no proof whatsoever. I’m not sure why Matzav is regurgitating this davka now.

  4. Fake news is absolutely correct. And by the way, if you visit the daughters FB page you will see that she is arab.


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