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From an email to Misaskim volunteers from the emergency room doctor from last night’s tragic drowning incident:

To the chevre of the Chevra, a heart felt yashar koach on a true act of chesed last night. Not only did this group help a Jewish soul in need, but the sheer volume of support left such an impact on the medical staff at Virtua, it truly made a shem tov for the Jewish people.

Sadly it’s not the first time that emergency department has seen similar tragic cases but so many of the nurses, doctors and staff commented to me that they had never before seen such an outpouring of love for a complete stranger. One told me they recently had another drowning of a child from a different religion and they spent hours trying to track down a clergy member to be with the family.

CHOP is very familiar with Hasidim and frum Jews from the large Lakewood population that goes there, but those who work at Virtua almost never interact with visibly Jewish people. The chesed shown last night left such a positive impression on the medical staff that I wanted to pass along these sentiments, especially to a group that does a thankless job and does so with such enthusiasm and love.

A special yashar koach to Uri who got in his car and drove to the hospital having simply heard that a Jewish boy from out of town was in a serious medical condition and might be headed by ambulance to Virtua. Through his proactive thinking, so much was done to support a Jewish soul and a Jewish family in need. Thanks to all who dropped everything and came out late at night to form what I believe is the first minyan in the history of Virtua Voorhees Pediatric ED. And thanks to those who joined in spirit. It’s an honor and a privilege to be a part of such a remarkable group of people. May we continue to go from strength to strength and may this be the last time something like this is needed.



  1. Mi K’amcha Yisrael! Living out of town, I can tell you that there are so many non-frum Jews and Gentiles who rarely, if ever, interact with frum Jews. Every day we have an opportunity to “wow them” if we just do what our Torah teaches us, especially in the area of AREYVUS – a concept which is so foreign to the prevailing Western culture steeped in the “me me me” mindset.

    Ashreychem to those who created this kiddush Hashem! May we only have to show our values for smachos…May we be zoche to seize every opportunity we have to create a kiddush Hashem!

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