KIDDUSH HASHEM: Jackson, NJ Resident Provides Power to His Neighbor

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  1. Just arrived home from work. Seeing this post with not 1 comment. I was appalled by it. Such a beautiful thing has been done for a neighbor a huge Kiddush Hashem I would of expected 10’s of comments. Well maybe by tomorrow morning.

    Watched this clip with a chill. So beautiful to see. Thank you for sharing this great story.

    • I wish I had such a nice neighbor. What a wonderful person. This is how we foster ahavas yisroel and combat the hatred.

    • Beautiful story indeed but b”H you hear such stories DAILY (albeit not in the media) – Hatzalah, Chaveirim, Satmar Chessed, etc.

  2. Menachem, people comment when there is scandal, loshon hora. Its unfortunate that this articles that should warrant loads of comments gets ignored by the people that like hack and drama. For shame

  3. Nice that it’s on the news for all to see. I hope it’s known that this is just a sampling of the wonderful neighborliness in the entire Lakewood, Toms River, Jackson area.


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