KIDDUSH HASHEM: Watch: Frum Office Makes Lechayim to Thank Hashem After LOSING Deal

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  1. this is what yiddishkeit has become… any excuse for a drink… and post it… i guess kiddush Hashem has the word kiddush in it…

  2. Of course Matzav leaves out all the main details leaving one to believe that this whole story was made up Bubbe maasos and only meant to promote those in the video. Matzav has become experts in doing that. This was no “Kiddush Hashem”. We have no idea what these people did just before this video started recording and we have no idea what these people did AFTER the video ended. Such immaturity to post this anonymous video of an anonymous company with no information of what really took place and then plaster a headline Kiddush Hashem. Dumb and stupid meant to rile up the gullible as we see from their comments posted above. Let’s see if you have the maturity to post my comment.

  3. not sure if kiddush hashem or not but definitely FAKE NEWS! Please stop posting silly stuff like this and TRY to stick to news that may be relevant to frum people who want to get the news of what is going on in the worls without the shmutz. Please leave all this for all the bored social media people.


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