Kiddush Hashem With Towels

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A few weeks ago, a wealthy chareidi from overseas stayed briefly at the Royal Beach Hotel in Eilat. He found upon his return home that the hotel had included two of its towels in his laundry. The next time he visited Israel, he immediately sent 110 shekels to the hotel management to compensate for the loss.

The management said that they appreciated his honesty.

“These things are the hotel’s property and people should know that it is illegal to take them,” they said. “People sometimes send towels back by post or send a letter that they took them, but to pay for them is something that happens very rarely.”

David Steger – Israel


  1. Usually hotels just charge the guests credit card when they notice anything missing. Not sure why this particular one doesn’t. Bad business sense.

    • Rechilus. Be dan l’kaf zechus, and come up with a good, kusher v’yusher explanation.

      But don’t share it with us, because that would be more rechilus.

      • I heard from Rav A Golombeck zt’l that Rav Chatzkel zt”l told him and group of Ponevez bachurim who wanted to see the Sar Shalom from Belz on a Motsai Shabbos in Tel Aviv that everything that they will gain seeing the tzadik will be lost when they pass Dizzengoff .

  2. Finally! Some good news!
    Thank you David for publishing such a beautiful story. Please keep them coming. There are plenty more such stories if we only open our eyes and ears around us. If Matzav won’t publish them, rest assured the NYT won’t either.

  3. The reason management was astonished and stated this is unheard of, is because there are few Haredim who do business in Eilat hotels. The other side of the story is people going someplace with a hotel towel and overhearing nasty comments, let me tell you, this happens even to owners of the hotel whose name is printed on the towel. So maybe next time let’s not hastily assume it was stolen.


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