Kiddush Hashem: Yeshivah Bochrim From Ateres Shlomo Give Out Cold Water To Drivers Who Are Stuck In Traffic Due To The Ethiopian Protests (via BELAAZ)

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  1. Kiddush Hashem, really? Kidddush Hashem are protesters crying out for kavod Shamayim, like Peleg Yerushalmi. Giving out cold water to stranded drivers is called “chessed”. Otherwise, you’d have to admit that Satmar do kiddush Hashem much of every day for all the chessed they do more than others.

    • anything which brings kvod shamayim is called a kiddus Hashem. so yes a chessed such as this one which causes people- even other yidden frum or nonfrum, to say look how special Hashems nation is, look how special yeshiva boys are=KIDDUSH HASHEM!

    • Every time peleg blocks traffic they are doing a chillul Hashem! They don’t let ambulances through and basically holding people hostage. People look and say If Torah is their Umanuso, why are they being mevatel Torah and out in the streets? It is not the Gedolim telling them to go out but the business people who run peleg. Here Yeshiva bocharim came out and helped people who were stuck for 4-6 hours no food or drink!

  2. Hmm, Anonymous? Think you’re a bit confused. Each time someone does a mitzva-that Hashem commanded, they increase his Kavod in the world- we call that a kiddush Hashem.


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