Kikar Tzion in Yerushalayim To Be Renamed In Honor Of Pride Parade Stabbing Victim Shira Banki

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Kikar Tzion in Yerushalayim is slated to be renamed as “Tolerance Square” in honor of 16-year-old Shira Banki who was stabbed to death last summer by an extremist in 2015.

“Zion Square in the historic heart of downtown Jerusalem – which for many years attracted protests, demonstrations and clashes – will soon become a square to represent tolerance and mutual respect in the spirit of the late Shira Banki murdered during the…Pride Parade,” the Jerusalem municipality said in a statement, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Banki was murdered by an extremist who had been released from jail after a 10-year sentence he served for stabbing people during the 2005 Pride Parade. He also wounded 5 others during the 2015 attack.

“We decided together with the Bankis’ to make the square a place that promotes connection, tolerance and mutual respect, as represented by their late daughter,” Yerushalayim Mayor Nir Barkat said.




  1. kikar tziyon is being renamed after someone who went to parade that she’s part of a group that are mordim in the RBS”O, and are not satisfied to proclaim their disgusting behavior privately – it must be done in front of everyone, and they have to declare that they’re like the “gruim she’bamim”. Maybe she’s a tinok shenishba, maybe not, that’s a long schmooze, (it’s quite hard to accept someone can be a tinok shenishba regarding something that any normal goy realizes is an abomination). In a time that klal yisroel b’chlal and the people of Yerushalayim b’frat, need such tremendous rachamei Shamayim every time they walk into the street, to go and commemorate a rasha of this caliber in such a way, is so terribly stupid, it’s frightening.

        • Calling other posters “heartless idiots” was inappropriate and I’d delete it if I could.
          I stand by the rest of my comment. This was an innocent kid who went along with her class on a trip, not a hardcore toevanik like some of the marchers and organizers were. May her parents have a nechama.

  2. Jerusalem is a holy city and the Torah is quite clear that toevah and immodesty are forbidden. Displays of both in a parade in a holy city are inappropriate and offensive to the majority of this city-jew and Arab alike.To rename Zion Square to reflect “tolerance” for toevah and immodesty is being intolerant of the religious majority!

  3. With regards to the first comment, the young lady who was killed was not even participating in the parade, she was a “mistake” of the stabber. And I do not welcome the parade having received a permit, but it did.

    Back to the main point, the fact is that two things happened to a person, whose life and family and perhaps mental stability had already been destroyed by similar acts. First, he was at the parade – and here, the responsibility stands with the police and courts, which should have ordered the man to, let’s say, be in Tel Aviv the whole day, and if necessary arrest him. Second, he was/is convinced he was doing a rightful action by attacking and trying to kill people who do something forbidden, he has been believing that since 2005 at least


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