Kim Jong Un to Make Historic Walk Across Korean Border   

A small step for Kim Jong Un will become a giant leap for North and South Korea when he becomes the first North Korean leader to walk to the southern section of the border on Friday. Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in will plant a commemorative tree and inspect an honor guard together after the North Korean leader makes the historic walk over the border, Moon’s chief of staff said. The two will then hold talks in border village of Panmunjom where they are expected to focus on bringing an end to North Korea’s nuclear program.
After the talks, the two leaders will plant a pine tree—dated to 1953, the year the Korean War was halted—on the border using a mixture of soil from both counties’ mountains and water from their rivers. A stone plaque on the tree will read “Peace and Prosperity Are Planted,” as well as the signatures of the leaders. The meeting is expected to be followed by a summit with President Trump. Read more at The Independent.


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