Kim Jong Un’s Disappearance Sparks Concerns Missile Launch Could Be Imminent

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has vanished from the public eye for two weeks, South Korean media reported, prompting fears that he may be preparing to mark Tuesday’s public holiday by firing a new rocket.

The last time Kim went days without being seen was prior to the ICBM launch in late July, when he remained incognito for two weeks before making his grandiose public appearance. His public withdrawal comes as nuclear tensions mount between Washington and Pyongyang, and on the heels of the leader’s threat to attack the U.S. island territory of Guam.

On Tuesday, North Korea is set to commemorate the Korean Peninsula’s liberation from Japan at the end of World War II. Read more at FOX News.



  1. Li’l Kim has disappeared for weeks frequently during his short, miserable life. He was most likely too drunk to appear in public. As for planning his much-vaunted attack, he is not capable of pulling off such an elaborate stunt. All his words are just that – words. The good news, is that we finally have a President who can call the baby’s bluff instead of capitulating to his crib rattling.


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