King Abdullah: Jordan is Jordan, and Palestine is Palestine

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jordans-king-abdullah-iiJordan’s King Abdullah II rejected today the notion that his country was an “alternative homeland” for Palestinian Arabs, the state news agency Petra reports.

“Jordan is Jordan and Palestine is Palestine and nothing but that, not the in the past or the future,” King Abdullah was quoted as having said in a meeting with the Prime Minister, the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the Lower House.

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  1. Maybe the Jordanians can be more cordial when the palestinians are forgotten by history. Ultimately, that is the price for attacking Torah Souls. A blasphemy of the poorer component of lost commentary on limited dreams. Never Again.

  2. “4. Comment from Charlie Hall
    Time February 24, 2014 at 4:21 AM

    Jordan is Palestine.”

    I am the real Charlie Hall and I did not write this. In fact, I have often said that promoting the “Jordan is Palestine” idea is one of the most unbelievably stupid ideas that Israel’s supporters have ever dreamed up.

  3. jordania was never planed as separate palestinian state, but just exists thanks to the modern isro-hillony state to serves for itself as safety puffer against neighboring arab countries.


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