King David Hotel Orders Jewish Band to Remove Yarmulkas, Tzitzis

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One of Yerushalayim’s top hotels barred a band from wearing yarmulkes and tzitzis out of fear of offending its Arab workers, Tova Dvorin reports for Arutz Sheva.

The King David hotel invited the Inbalim band to play for its workers, Army Radio reports, the vast majority of whom are Arab.

Half an hour before the show, Arutz Sheva reports, the producers banned the band from wearing their yarmulkes, “because it will hurt the feelings of our Arab workers.” The band’s director, secular Israeli Noam Cohen, refused to order his musicians to remove their yarmulkes, but offered to have them wear baseball caps as a compromise.


{ Israel}


  1. The hotel managers are so open minded, their brains fell out.

    I’m sure they would never ban Arabs from wearing kufiyahs.

    What a bunch of idiotic, self-hating Jews.

  2. The Torah requires that we be sensitive to the feelings of all humanity. There’s nothing wrong with hiding tzitzit and wearing caps to make others feel more comfortable.

  3. A Jewish hotel in the only Jewish country in the world told Jewish musicians to take off their yarmulkes so they wouldn’t offend the hotel’s Arab employees? If the Arabs are offended by Jews wearing yarmulkes, why are they living in a Jewish country? The King David has a lot to answer for. And, frankly, so does the band. By compromising they set a dangerous precedent. They should have packed up their gear and told the hotel to go jump in the lake.

  4. What a shady deal.

    Is this in Israel with a jewish penny being spent? Of course. An arab co worker better just hope he can keep his job. Why employ a murder-culture anyhow? It is absurd to the least.

  5. This hotel must be owned or run by politically correct (PC) DemocRATS. They should be heavily fined for this abomination and sent to sensitivity training at a frum Yeshiva. Antisemitten, Phooey!

    • Maybe you can go to Israel and become a pied piper for your own lost human feeling of G-d and democracy. The democrats in America are a political party and if you are so touched by the incapacity to see others lead your nation, please consider that you are just a limited reply without a value that adds any prosperous hope.

      This is a real nation. We actually respect G-d.


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