Kinneret’s Salt Problem

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The Kinneret’s chronic shortage of fresh water sources is shooting up its salt level and harming the natural reservoir’s water quality, Chadashot reported.

Israel’s Water Authority currently extracts 17,000 tons of salt yearly by pumping out water flowing into the lake from saline springs. Many streams feeding the lake have dried due to years of drought, threatening to drop the lake’s water to “the lowest level ever recorded.”

Even the Banias River in the Golan Heights may dry for the first time in a century unless the north gets at least 85 percent of average winter precipitation. Last year, the figure was 10 percent.

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  1. The Tanach is full of references to the idea of “Good rain for good reign” in the Holy Land. (i.e. That G-d rewards and punishes.)

    אני מאמין באמונה שלמה כי הבורא, ברוך שמו, מתגמל כל מי לשמור מצוותיו ומעניש את כל העוברים את פקודותיו.

    – Article Eleven of Maimonides Thirteen Articles of Faith

    Thus the inverse of this point must also be true. i.e. If there is poor counsel/leadership in the land then the rains will not be in their right measure. (Lack of rain in a place creates many problems. e.g. Combined with prolonged, high temperatures you end up with more bushfire risk. Salinity problems, as this article points out, are also a by-product of lack of rain. Too much rain, falling too quickly, in a place can also be a big problem, i.e. Floods.)

    As I have mentioned previously in the comments section of an article here at, when we both arrived in Jerusalem, just before Purim 2014, after spending 9 months in Di Zahav, South Sinai, and one week in Eilat, excellent rains fell all around the Holy Land. Very curious nu…

    Kinneret Water Levels

    17/1/2017 -214.23 m
    14/1/2015 -212.69 m
    14/5/2014 -211.12 m
    14/1/2014 -211.23m
    18/3/2012 -211.76m

    Adam Neira
    Caroline Halphen
    World Peace 2050
    Paris, France
    Founded April 2000 in Melbourne, Australia.

    P.S. This article mentions “Chadashot reported”. Which news outlet featured this story exactly?


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