Kinnus for Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin Tonight in Crown Heights


rubashkin-rallyA community-wide kinnus for men and women of the Crown Heights community on behalf of Reb Sholom Mordechai ben Rivka Rubashkin will be held tonight, as the child labor trial continues and the fraud sentencing is set for late June.

Tonight’s atzeres tefillah will be held at Oholei Torah, located at 667 Eastern Parkway. The program will start at 7:30 p.m. sharp and will conclude at 9 p.m. with Maariv.

The kinnus is for men, with limited seating for women.

The program will feature remarks from Rabbi Yosef Y. Jacobson.

Tonight’s event follows similar gatherings held in Monsey, Chicago, Flatbush, Boro Park, Lakewood and elsewhere.

To arrange a kinnus in your community, call 718-253-5497.

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  1. I understand the importance of all these events for the zechus of S.M. Rubashkin. But….

    Why is he getting so much more attention then our Gedolim who need a strong yeshua?

    Reb Chaim Stein shlita is in dire need of Rachamai Shamayim. Does anybody know the situation with Reb Shlomo Brevda shlita?

    We cannot survive without our Gedolim. For every kinnus around the world for Rubashkin, there should be tens of more kinussim for our Gedolim!!

    Why are we not giving them at least the same priority?

  2. Possibly the Tzaddikim suffer for the sake of the average Jew and when we “fix” the average Jew, the condition of Tzaddikim will also improve. That being said, Reb Sholom Rubashkin is not your average Jew, not to mention the fact that he is a young man also in a “life and death” situation.

  3. To just wondering,
    Could it be you missed the whole point in entirety? These events are not about SMR as an individual. They are a manifestation of an opposition to an assault on KLAL YISROEL.

  4. Finally we are doing something as a community of Lubavitchers.
    Other than Beis Shmuel going to the Ohel as a group, we have sat with our arms folded while all the other Kreizen stepped up to the plate for SMR.
    We ought to be ashamed of ourselves and express our Hakoras Hatov going forward to all other organisations.

  5. To #1:

    I am appalled at your sheer stupidity. If you feel it is necessary to arrange a Kinnus on behalf of Reb Chaim Stein Shlita and Reb Shlomo Brevda Shlita then instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining, get up and arrange one. In fact the phone number is listed at the end of the story to do so.

    You remind me somewhat of the meraglim who only focused on the negative aspects of what they saw as a result of which we suffer today. Complaining about Kinnusim on behalf of Rubashkin does not Help Sholom Mordechai as well as the Roshei Yeshiva who need Yeshuos.

    I saw a story written at the outset of all of the Rubashkin Kinnusim from someone who couldnt understand why we are paying so much attention to Rubashkin when there are so many kids from wonderful families who are struggling to maintain their religious observance???

    No one ever said that giving attention to one important matter means neglecting another important matter. The truth is while the issue of ‘kids at-risk’ is an ongoing problem it has received a lot of attention in the Jewish media over the last 10-15 years dating back in the Jewish Observer and more recently in the many Jewish weeklys. Nobody is neglecting kids at risk and nobody is forgetting about the Roshei Yeshiva who need Yeshuos, in fact we pray for them every day.

    But here we have a unique situation where the Justice system in America seems to be falling apart. But the truth is, it really isnt falling apart. In truth every convicted murderer is serving minimum time in Jail, in fact just yesterday there was a story of a man who murdered a rabbi a decade ago who is supposedly going to walk free!!! If however it was the Rabbi who killed the Black Man he would be sentenced to 300 years solitary confinement without parole. This is why we are making a big deal over the Rubashkin case, because if we dont, you might be next and we would not want that to happen.

  6. To “Just Wondering”

    Did it ever occur to you the simple difference that an elderly person not in good health is not a new phenomenon (notwithstanding the urgent necessity for Tehillim & prayers, of course) while Rubashkin is a Jew being persecuted mercilessly and we must show solidarity?


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