Kiryas Yoel Opens First Gender-Segregated Playground

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kiryas-yoel-playground-smallKiryas Yoel, NY – The Kiryas Yoel community has unveiled the first in the nation, and perhaps the world’s first, gender segregated public playground.

The new gender segregated children’s playground was built in Monroe, New York, on an area of 283 acres, which will fully separate boys and girls.

The park, built on the outskirts of the city, received special financing by Kiryas Yoel Mayor Avrohom Wieder.

kiryas-yoel-playgroundKiryas Yoel Treasurer Gedaliah Segedin described the park as being under the strict supervision of the Committee of Modesty of Kiryas Yoel and under the watchful guidance of Rav Aharon Teitelbaum of Satmar.

The park is divided into four sections. Section one is designed for fathers who come with their sons. The second section is designed for mothers who come with their daughters. The third is for boys and the fourth is for girls, and there is a large distance between the four sections.

The playground facilities for males are blue, for females red and white.

U.S. and New York State funds cannot be used to build a facility that discriminates based on gender.

Councilman Harley Doles toldthe RecordOnline. “My understanding is it’s only for the residents of Kiryas Joel, because no state or federal funds are being used.”

kiryas-yoel-playground1{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Beautiful.
    Before all of the people give their comments-I think it is a beautiful things-as I hate taking my children to the park which is full of barely dressed women with their kids.
    I don’t even know if I can take my kids to the park on Shabbos this summer it is very hard for us.

  2. “The park, built on the outskirts of the city, received special financing by Kiryas Yoel Mayor Avrohom Wieder.”
    In that case is it using government funding. How is this possible?

  3. I was the one who took my son to the playground when he was young, not my husband. I don’t understand how a mother with young children, boys and girls, is supposed to manage with a segregated playground.

  4. Yaakov —
    This park is in Kiryas Yoel.

    You think it a good thing that boys cannot come with their mothers, nor girls with their fathers?

    You think it a good thing that boys whose fathers are working can’t go to the playground until they’re old enough to go unsupervised by an adult?

  5. and the best part – father’s will have to be more involved with the children, since they will be taking the little boys to the park.

  6. what happens if a father takes his girls or if father/mother takes boys and girls?

    why is 4 parks necessary, the way its being explained you still only need 2 parks?

    please someone clear up the confusion

  7. At what age is the segregation enforced. if it is at 3 then Mothers cannot take all their children to the park and older sisters can’t help their Mothers by taking their 6 year old brothers to the park. Och in Vey how they are degrading our yiddishkeit.

  8. What on earth!! #1 everyone is dressed Tzniusdig, and now mothers can’t take their sons and daughters and watch them all together. For big children it’s a great idea girls can have the time of their life without worrying about boys seeing them in certain positions, and just for older girls and boys to be able to play together without the other one around, But for young children being seperate, it’s a little interesting. The sections should be one for girls one for boys, and one for any gender under age 5 or 6, or 1 section for mothers and another for fathers taking their young children under age 5 or 6. Either way why are they wasting 283 acres for a park use it for housing and yeshivos

  9. I wish there’d be pool hours like this… I’d love to be able to take my boys, and watch them, while they go swimming, obviously with all the mothers fully dressed out of the water.

  10. Bravo! you know…maybe not many are at that level of observance, however we need in klal Yisroel people like Satmar that do four enormous contribution to Judaism.
    1) they oppose zionism
    2)speak yiddish
    3)strict about tzenius
    4) unlimited Chesed

    To the cynical that always find something negative to say no matter what I say…there is a flavor of genuineness in Satmar that is disappearing in many communities. if you take a Satmar back 300 years..he will fit with the population indicating a low level of assimilation. I cant say that with many communities.

  11. Read in yaeted that
    one park is for boys (including fathers with sons)
    one is for girls (including mothers with daughters)
    one is for mothers with children under five years old
    and one for fathers with children under five years old.
    What happens when there is a mother who wants to take her 6 or 7 year old since her husband can’t?

  12. there are 4 parks two so fathers or mothers taking there younger kids (boys AND girls) to the park don’t have to mix with parents of the opposite gender and two for older (ages 8-12) girls and boys who are generally playing separately. last sign says “KINDER mit tates” which means CHILDREN with fathers the first sign says “YINGEL hoif” wich is a boys only park (for older boys 8-12 who don’t need as much parent supervision)

  13. My gosh….just make sure to either give birth only to girls so no issues for mothers then.

    What is the purpose of this new park? Were the men going to the park with crocs and upsetting the women, and the women wearing New Balance Sneakers and causing a distrubance.

  14. This is a great idea. There are plenty of other parks to use. Yes, its a free Country. If you don’t like it there, MOVE! No one is forced to live any You can go to Flatbush where EVERYTHING is muttar!

  15. Section 1 is for boys with their fathers.

    section 2 is for girls and their mothers.

    section 3 is for boys and their mothers.
    section 4 is for girls and their fathers.

    at all times the parents and kids are seperate from the other gender.

  16. #22 thanks for the clarification, it totally makes sense now and if it’s under Rav Ahron Teitelbaum, who is greater that any of us who especially those of us who use the internet and don’t go to sides that we need for Parnassah or for other real reasons, it’s obviouslly better than it sounds, #21 you are so right, it is really nice how Chassidim, especially Satmar Chassidim stay so seperate from the Goyim.

  17. BTW, in town of Monroe there is a Smith Clove park, where there is a sign prohibiting outside residence from entering the park. And there’s a security guard inforcing it. It is unafficialy aimed to keep KJ residence (jews) out.
    So now that KJ has it’s owne park, they can write there owne ruls.

  18. This is a beautiful thing. As a father who has taken his children to the park many times, I certainly feel that way.

    I’m just wondering. Why are all these progressive and open-minded commentors passing judgement on the personal decisions of those who live in KJ???? Please, be a little tolerant

  19. “Can I still be buried next to a woman if I am a man or will that be an issue too in the future.”

    al pi halacha your only allowed to be buried with your wife.

  20. No 41. one of the tragic consequences of Zionism is that they made Lashon Ha kodesh into a comun language. Jews never use lashon hakodesh as a comun language. Instead the use Aramaic Ladino Yidish and several other languages intended to protect lashon ha kodesh as such for learning a Davening purposes. You see…if you remember your origins to the European Ghetos inevitably will connect you with traditional Judaism and that is not productive to the cause of zionism. As a result of that we see Ashkenazy Jews using the Sephardic Pronunciation and ignoring the yiddish and a thousand years of Jewish history.

    If we forget Yiddish we forget our wanderings and origins, we forget our heavy price for keeping Lashon Ha kodesh holy. Unfortunately for sephardic Jews Ladino has been forgotten. So in a sence Yiddish is a holy language.


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