Knesset Approves Bill That Allows Women To Receive Pay While Taking Off For Fertility Treatments

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The Knesset has approved the final readings of a bill that states that an employee who is entitled to be absent for fertility treatment under the Women’s Work Law will also be entitled to take into account parts of days in which they were absent from work and are entitled to payment of wages due to absence from the first hour of absence up to 40 hours absence per year.

Up until now, absence for fertility treatments was recognized as an absence at the expense of sick days, however, the law establishes that an employee will not receive payment for the first sick day.  Consequently, in most cases, a female employee did not receive payment for absence from work for treatments, which require for the most part an absence of several hours or one workday each time.

The new bill establishes that a female employee will be granted 40 hours of paid absence for treatments, for partial-day absences as well, and starting from the first hour. An identical arrangement currently exists for pregnant women.




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