Knesset Passes Daylight Savings Time Extension

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clock daylight savingsThe Knesset plenum on Monday passed in second and third readings the bill for the extension of the Daylight Savings Time until the last Sunday in October, at 2 am.  The bill, which extends the current DST by three weeks, was voted for by 73 MKs, with 17 against.

Earlier this summer Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar announced he has adopted the main conclusions reached by the DST Committee. On Monday Sa’ar said that “the people of Israel can smile, since more light means more joy. The Knesset plenum voted by a great majority for the interest of Israeli citizens. The new DST is long awaited news.”

According to the committee’s estimates, the new DST will save the economy some NIS 300 million ($82 million). The average length of the DST will stand at 211 days, similar to the model used by European countries.

According to the committee’s recommendation, the DST will start on the Friday before the last Sunday in March at 2 am, and will end on the last Sunday in October at the same time.

The committee, headed by Shmuel Abuhab, relied in its findings on some 60 academic researches and 50 position papers filed by the public. In addition, the committee consulted experts, public representatives and rabbis. Read more at Ynet.

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  1. BTW, this was done without any cosideration of the frum people. Many even feel that this is all part of their campaign against the frum people.
    DST effects the frum people more than anyone else. Extending DST makes it extremely difficult for a frum person who works to daven after the netz. It also makes yom kippur a “longer” day.
    I assume most who were against were the frum MKs

  2. What a wonderful move by the knesset so that people will not have to wake up a 5:30 a.m. on Yom Kippur to have enough time to complete davening like a mentsch before shkiah at around 5:15 p.m. We will be also be able to take Chol Hamoed Sukkos trips while there is still light outside and people who wake up late will be able to still make z’man krias shema. It’s about time that the knesset did something to help the frum jews. Kol Hakavod!!!!

  3. I would love to understand how on earth extending DST will save 300 million shekels.

    The lights in office buildings go on and off at the same time whether it’s DST or not. And I would venture to say that the same goes for most homes.

    Once upon a time, DST ended with Rosh Chodesh Elul, making Selichos easier for the Sefardim.

    Then they pushed it off but still kept it before Yom Kippur, since it makes the fast feel shorter.

    I know, I know, everyone will say it’s the same 25 hours. But it’s the daytime part that’s difficult – that’s why Tisha B’Av is a far more difficult fast for most people than is Yom Kippur. And in a country where the vast majority of people fast, you’d think they’d take that into account.

    Yes, in the context of everything else going on, this will definitely be seen as one more move to make life difficult for frum Yidden in EY.

  4. Don’t assume anything.
    What life has taught this old man, is that, one mans frum is not another’s.
    One more thing. You are not the only Jews who
    fast on Yom Kippur.

  5. Since every ap and operating system in the world for smart phones assumes Israel will set their clicks according to US DST every phone is off. My google calendar is off and meetings scheduled overseas show up an hour off. I have to guess that numerous presentations and video conferences will be missed due to this idocracy. I would guess the cost will far exceed the 300 million nis supposedly saved. Penny wise pound foolish.


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