Knesset Passes Disastrous Marriage Reform Bill

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knessetThe Knesset has passed a marriage reform bill that could have terrible repercussions.

Under the bill, couples will be able to choose any rabbi to marry them regardless of where they live, unlike the current regulations, which require that they register only through the local municipal rabbinate.

Thus, Israeli Jews seeking to get married will now be able to shop around for the municipal religious council that suits them best, rather than be forced to register their marriage in one of the partners’ cities of residence.

Chief rabbis Rav Dovid Lau and Rav Yitzchok Yosef strongly opposed the bill. The chief rabbinate rejected the idea of opening regional marriage registration offices when it was first raised in 2011. Currently, registration for marriage in Israel is done by region; couples can only register with their local religious authority.

The bill seeks to address the many cases in which local religious authorities refused to register geirim to Yiddishkeit for marriage and created other legitimate difficulties for Jewish couples to wed, based on various halachic concerns.

Until now, the ability to marry off couples was granted only to ultra-Orthodox institutions. That will now change unfortunately.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Why is this “disastrous”? How does it differ from the heimisher system in the USA. Isn’t one free to choose any mesader kiddushin one wants here?

  2. What’s the disaster exactly? Sounds like a great set of ideas. Lots of non frum newlywed up until now were majorly turned off by the old process. Now with more choices and a computer database to keep things kosher, a kiddush h’ is being made. Baruch HaShem!

  3. What difference does it make whether they choose a rov from their town or a different town? If the rov of the other town is good enough for residents of that town…

  4. This is not a news report, it’s a totally biased reaction to something which will help many people but removes some of the dictatorial powers of the chief rabbinate. Where else is it prohibited to have the rabbi of one’s choice be misader kedushin?

  5. #9, how do you explain that the wonderful zionist state is discussing harsh penalties and jail time for those rabbis outside the rabbinate who should “dare” getting involved in ketubot & gittin?

  6. In the United States you can go to any Rav that you want and have him as your misader keddushin
    Has that been a disaster ?
    Clearly not!

    Baruch HaShem that things will now change so that the young couple isn’t stuck with the local Rav in Israel. It isn’t a disaster in the United States and will not be a disaster in Israel..except for the pocketbooks of those formerly in total control in Israel.

  7. BTW…the Bostoner Rebbi ZTZ”L was my misader keddushin . Neither my wife nor I lived in Brighton/Brookline Massachsetts. If we lived in Israel, the Rebbi would not have been a acceptable choice to be our misader keddushin under the old law.
    Under the new law, he could have.
    Does that sound like a disaster of a law as the pathetic bigoted headline in this news ‘report’ makes it out to be?

  8. Imagine if you lived in Williamsburg Brooklyn and the law said that you must use the local Satmar Rav to be your massager kiddushin because he was your local Rav, but you are Lubavitch!
    Imagine if you lived in Crown Heights Brooklyn and the local Rav was Lubavitch but you were Satmar and could only use the local Satmar Rav to be your misader keddushin!

    That was what the old Israeli law required!
    Now you can go to whichever Rav you want…Satmar or Lubavitch!

  9. The reaction by Matzav by using their hysterical headline is absurd. It mirrors the reaction of the Degel Hatorah party as you would expect Matzav to do. Simply follow the party line without thinking at all.

  10. Wake up fools

    Any authentic orthodox individual is sick in the stomach in consternation from this marriage reform travesty .
    (It has been bandied about for years )

    Essentially,if/when some religious council(out of many dozen) was corrupt or badly lax,the situation was limited to that or those locales.
    Now The evil ones intend to allow the whole country to walk over & register with that locale.

    Would they allow this in any other sector of their notorious bureaucracy?

    “.. feels the reform simply tries to hide its true identity, “citizen services” which arouse his suspicions. He adds such a reform has not been seen in other ministries or agencies, including the Interior Ministry or Bituach Leumi,” which do not permit anyone from any city to enter any office to address one’s affairs, but one must report to a local office in the city of one’s residence. -“

  11. #11,#12,etc

    Registering with your local Rav is of little significance or consequence in the US.

    Plus having been involved ,trust me,the US is a messy web tangle .
    The desire to import it is to destroy..


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