Knesset Passes Law Requiring Cigarettes To Be Sold In ‘World’s Ugliest Color’

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Cigarettes will be sold in packaging the color of feces, and ads for smoking products will be banned from most media, following a law passed in a final vote in the Knesset on Monday, the second-to-last day before the legislature goes on its pre-election recess.

The law will require cigarette packages to be a brown color, Pantone 448c, which a study found to be the world’s ugliest color. Australia, the UK and France have already begun selling cigarettes only in that color.

The law passed following an ardent battle led by Likud MK Yehudah Glick, one of the bill’s sponsors, which included a hunger strike and impassioned, tearful speeches.

“This is about human lives. According to experts, this law will prevent 300 deaths a year,” Glick said. “Someone dies from smoking-related causes every hour in Israel.”

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  1. The Arab MK is right, hookah is also harmful and not perceived as a serious danger to health, there should be campaigns that target that too.


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