Koch: Hagel ‘Would Be a Terrible Appointment’ for Defense Secretary

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ed-kochFormer New York City mayor Ed Koch says that if Chuck Hagel is nominated to be secretary of defense, it “would be a terrible appointment.” Koch made the remarks about Hagel, who tops Obama’s list to fill the defense secretary slot, in an interview with the Algemeiner.

In a recent interview with The Algemeiner, former New York Mayor and staunch backer of President Obama’s re-election, Ed Koch, strongly opposed the possible appointment of former senator Chuck Hagel as America’s next defense secretary, due to the latter’s perceived hostility towards Israel.

“I believe it would be a terrible appointment,” he said, “and so do apparently most of the Jewish leaders who have expressed themselves.”

Explaining his opposition to the appointment, which is looking increasingly likely to materialize, Koch said that it would lead Arab states to believe that President Obama was seeking to create distance between his administration and Israel.

“Such an appointment would give great comfort to the Arab world that would think that President Obama is seeking to put space between Israel and his administration,” Koch said, “I hope he doesn’t go forward with that appointment.”


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  1. ASPRESIDENT OF RABBIS FOR ROMNEY , I WORKED DAY AND NIGHT TO CONVINCE Jews not to vote for Obama. This is what you get. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

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