Kol Berama Radio Pays 30,000 Shekel Fine To Feminist Group – In Agurot

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Charedi radio station Kol Baramah, which was ordered to pay a court-ordered fine of 30,000 shekels to the feminist group Kolech early this morning, protested the fine by paying in 300,000 10-agorot coins.

The radio station was penalized for not giving play time to female singers.

“We loved the gimmick,” Kolech’s Facebook page says. “We didn’t really feel the insult. For some reason, we believe it was worth it to ensure that today there are wonderful women broadcasting on Kol Baramah Radio.”

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. anonymous, you are correct. the picture is off by two orders of magnitude. if i were the judge, i would give them a fine of a significant amount for hutzpah

  2. The feminist movement are like little kids who have a low self-esteem which is why they need play time to show off. Kol Berama should have added lollipops to their coins.

    • That would be a more constructive approach IMHO.
      Also, what does it mean “female singer”? One may well broadcast e.g. Maria Callas who not only is not Jewish, but has been dead long since.


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