Kol Korei: Gedolim Call On Klal Yisroel to Assist Reb Sholom Mordechai


rubashkin-kol-korei-small[Donate link and how-you-can-help below. Click here to view kol korei.] As we approach the date of sentencing for Reb Sholom Mordechai ben Rivkah Rubashkin, gedolim, in a just released letter, have called on all members of Klal Yisroel to do what they can to urge the department of justice or political officials to rectify the undue harshness displayed toward Reb Sholom Mordechai.

The signatories include:

-Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva of Philadelphia

-The Novominsker Rebbe, Rav Yaakov Perlow

-Rav Dovid Feinstein, rosh yeshiva of Mesivta Tiferes Yerushalayim

-Rav Aryeh Malkiel Kotler, rosh yeshiva of Beth Medrash Govoah of Lakewood

-Rav Yonason Binyomiin Weiss, av bais din of Montreal

-The Skulener Rebbe, Rav Eliezer Zusia Portugal

-The Mattesdorfer Rov, Rav Simcha Bunim Ehrenfeld

-Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum of Satmar

-Rav Moshe Wolfson, mashgiach of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas

-Rav Menachem Meir Weissmandl, rov of Nitra-Monsey

-The Pupa Rebbe, Rav Yaakov Y. Greenwald

-Rav Mordechai Shmuel Ashkenazi, rov of Kfar Chabad

-Rabbi Chaim Yehuda Krinsky, head of Mercaz L’inyonei Chinuch of Chabad-Lubavitch

The original Hebrew letter can be read by clicking here and then clicking on the image to magnify it.

The following is a free translation of the letter from the gedolim:

To our Jewish Brethren Worldwide:

Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin is due to be sentenced shortly, and as the situation now stands, is facing the possibility of a very lengthy jail sentence, G-d forbid.

US Legal experts have informed community leaders involved in this case, that the recommended sentence (by the US attorney) is overzealous and excessively harsh, and is totally unparalleled to similar offenses by others.

According to the experts involved in the case, phone calls and letters to department of justice (expressing concern) about this situation can be helpful. Therefore, there is a holy obligation  for every single individual to get involved in this matter of utmost Pidyon Shvuyim , and to do whatever they possibly can to assist in this matter.

As well, anyone who has the ability to urge the department of justice or political officials to rectify the (undue) harshness (displayed by the DOJ) should get in touch with the committee as soon as possible, and do whatever they possibly can to help rectify the (undue) harshness, and hereby fulfill the mitzvah of ‘Lo Taamod’ – not standing by idly while a fellow’s blood is shed.

As the Shulchan Aruch Yoreah Deah rules (252:3): Every moment that one delays the mitzvah of Pidyan Shvuyim, when there exists the possibility to assist sooner, is tantamount to committing bloodshed. As the Rambam’s states famously in the Laws of Matnas Aniyim (8:4): There exists no greater mitzvah than that of Pidyun Shvuyim ; One who looks away from assisting in helping to free the person, violates the injunctions of : Do Not Harden Your Heart, Do Not Be Tightfisted and Do Not Stand By While The Blood of Your Fellow is Being Shed. The Rambam then states an additional five mitzvahs involved in this.

Our Sages have already stated (Shabbos 151b ): All Who Have Compassion on Living Beings, Heaven will have compassion on him.

May Hashem positively change the hearts of the authorities to good; May the cries of the imprisoned come before Hashem, and speedily extract him from his imprisonment. Amen.

Month of Iyor, 5770.

Please continue to daven for Reb Shalom Mordechai ben Rivkah.

Significant funds must still be raised for the legal defense. Anyone who can help out and lend support should take a moment to send a donation to the Pidyon Shvuyim Fund. The help of Yidden across the globe is severely needed.

You can easily donate by clicking on the following link:


Alternatively, you can mail contributions to:

Pidyon Shvuyim Fund

53 Olympia Lane

Monsey NY 10952

Prosecutors recommending life in prison for Sholom Mordechai is the latest example of how Sholom Mordechai has been treated harshly and vindictively in a prosecution that is likely to go down in history as a shameful permanent stain on American justice.

In the Des Moines Register, Sholom Mordechai’s defense attorney highlights the overzealous tactics used by prosecutors:

 “The lengthy sentence the government is seeking is a continuation of the heavy-handed and overreaching tactics employed from the start of this case,” defense lawyer Guy Cook said. Rubashkin’s only crime, he said, “was borrowing more money than his father’s company was entitled to borrow, money the company was paying back with interest.”


1. Read the article by clicking here.

2. Comment in support of Sholom Mordechai. Our goal is to make it the most read and commented article on the Des Moines Register site.

3. Send the article to family, colleagues and friends, and ask them to read it, comment on it and forward it on.

4. Link to the article on Facebook and Twitter.

5. Send the article to U.S. Attorney Stephanie Rose (stephanie.rose@usdoj.gov) and the Department of Justice Office of Intergovernmental and Public Liaison (oipl@usdoj.gov).

6. Sign an online petition available at www.justiceforsholom.org

7. Donate at the link above or by clicking here.

Together, we can show the judge, prosecutors and the legal community that concerned citizens are watching the case of Sholom Mordechai, and that he deserves “equal and fair administration of justice under the law.”

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I hope it is not too late amd everybody who needed to see this letter in order to understand that all of us need to stand behind Reb Sholom will finally respond.

  2. Thank you so much to all who help make this Kol Koreh may the achdus reflected amongst the Admorim and Rabbanim from many different kehillos in Klal Yisroel as well as the tefillos of so many Yidden lead to a speedy release from jail for Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin.

  3. Finally a Kol Korah, finally.

    I was waiting for this, hoping this would happen.

    How about demonstrations??? What are we waiting for?

  4. It would be nice if you refer to Satmar Rebbe with a bit more respect than “Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum of Satmar”

  5. this is yaakov.why cant we make a tihilim asifa for all the jews in brooklyn next week?time is of the essences.please call me@347-263-2716,to help make a tehillim asifa poosible.the owner of this website can possibly give me the person in charge of the kol koreh,call meand i will set him up


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