Update with More Links: KOL YISRAEL AREIVIM: Lakewood Residents Open Chessed Chat For Those Who Need Help Rebuilding Sukkahs


The extremely strong winds that have assailed the Tristate area these past two days have effected hundreds of Jews who helplessly witnessed their sweat and toil fly up in the air as their sukkos are torn apart by ferocious gusts.

For effected people living in Lakewood, New Jersey, a Whatsapp group has been opened to offer help to people whose sukkahs have been destroyed. The chat is both for people who need help with either rebuilding or fixing their sukkahs or simply organizing the broken parts and for people who wish to help others in need.

The link to join the chat can be accessed by clicking here on a device that has WhatsApp.

Update: A chat created for the Five Towns/Far Rockaway neighborhoods can be accessed by clicking here.

To join the Brooklyn chat, click here.

People are encouraged to open chats in other cities and neighborhoods effected by the weather.




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