Kosel Rov: There is No Danger in Visiting the Kosel

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rav shmuel rabinovitchThe rov of the Kosel, Rav Shmuel Rabinovitch, has joined the call of those urging Jews to continue visiting the Kosel despite the recent terror attacks.

The attacks, he said, are part of a campaign of “incitement taking place recently on the subject of the Har Habayis. Muslim religious leaders,” he said, “are attempting to fan the flames to harm the delicate fabric of Yerushalayim.”

He added: “I call on the public to visit the Kosel and fulfill the words of ‘va’ani tefillah. Major streets leading to the Old City and the Kosel are secure and there is no danger of friction now with Arab rioters.”

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  1. Dont go Shaat Shekhem, dont go the market street, go the regular route people take, who dont want problems. Go in by Shaar Yaffo, pass the police station and then drop to the Rova over the Cardo, and in on through. Do not give them a chance to disgrace you or harm a Jew (you).

    About those ascending to Har HaBayit, since you want to use The Holiest Place on earth for nationalistic reasons, the yishmaelim will respond with their style of nationalism.


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