Kosher Coke Is Once Again Here For Pesach

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coke-kosherThe Consumerist reports: Passover might not be starting until next week, but Coca Cola has already begun distributing 2-liter bottles of its kosher formula, which replaces high fructose corn syrup with sugar, to stores around the country. I know because I’ve got some chilling in the fridge.If you’re unfamiliar with the kosher coke and want to find it on the shelves of your grocery store, look for 2-liter bottles with yellow caps stamped like the one in the picture here. You can also double check the ingredients label. If you see “sucrose” instead of HFCS, then you’re probably on the right track.

Kosher Coke is very popular among lovers of real-sugar sodas, who will occasionally stock up on bottles to save for the rest of the year.

If you are a fan of non-HFCS Coke, you might be able to find Mexican Coca Cola, which is available all year long and comes in glass bottles, in case that matters to you.

{Consumerist/Noam Newscenter}


  1. I do not know what all this fuss and hullaballoo is about.

    I love Diet Coke, I really do, but it’s no great hardship to do without it for eight days.

    In fact, the taste seems much better after a week’s abstinence.

  2. Heimish yidden do drink it, up until zman biur.
    There are alot of products that are great for the week before Pesach.It’s a great chesed don’t Knock it.

  3. To Dovid: Your comments are astute and enlightening, much like a cold cup of adwe maalox after a big Pesach meal.
    We very much appreciate your cultural take on the heimnishe world.

  4. Dovid, I have a chakirah to ask you – is that a “sibah”, or just a “siman”?

    To explain the lomdus parlance: Do you mean to say, that BECAUSE they don’t drink Coke, they are therefore attained the exalted level of heimish? Or, are you just insinuating that it is stam usually those who don’t drink Coke on pesach that get a “shem” of heimish

    All kidding aside, if you have a minhag not to “mish”, then God bless, by all means, don’t drink coke. But if you do drink commercial soft drinks on pesach, then be’er mayim, mayim chayim and white rock, or whatever chazzerei they sell, is no better (kashrus-wise and surely taste-wise)than Coca Cola.

  5. “In fact, the taste seems much better after a week’s abstinence.”

    Then stop drinking it a week before Pesach and enjoy it l’kvod yom tov.

  6. Dovid I am a heimishe yid and I enjoy coke on pesach. How do I know I’m a hemishe yid? My black hat has a chasidishe hechsher.

  7. I will never forget the afternoon fourty-five years ago when I was sitting in the classroom of my fifth grade class. Our teacher related to us: “There are only TWO people in the entire world who know what is in Coca Cola; AND THEY DO NOT LET THEIR CHILDREN HAVE IT!”

    NO person should drink Coke Cola!

    And the “Diet Coke” is a thousand times worse!

  8. #8 Perhaps the imaginary Rav Moshe Krakows has mistakenly thought cocaine is still used in Coke and has ruled that cocaine is kitniyot?

  9. Most comments don’t seem to stay on the topic. To Dovid, I remember when pizza (chametz of course) came into Boro Park and the older Jews yelled, “It’s not heimish. It’s Italian.” I, too, find it hard to see Coke on a Pesach table but I am aware that it’s psychological, I never saw it. If the hashgashah is good, which it seems to be, and someone wants it, what’s the problem?
    Yes, by the way, Coke isn’t the most healthful drink, but zero to do with Coke on Pesach.
    Chag Kasher V’Sameach with or without.

  10. I heard heimish people don’t drink Coke because Coke is served at non-kosher restaurants. They might then go to such a restaurant thinking they’ll only get a drink. If someone enjoys the taste of Coke, it might lead them to eat treif.


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