Kosher Companies Took Advantage of “Branding Opportunity of a Lifetime” at Siyum Hashas

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siyum-hashas-metlifeIn what was no doubt the largest targeted branding opportunity for manufacturers of kosher products, the 12th Siyum Hashas on August 1st fulfilled every expectation and then some. 93,000 people jammed into Met Life Stadium for the completion of the Daf Yomi.

An additional 60,000 watched the proceedings through a special satellite hookup that was available in nearly 100 locations across the US and several countries abroad. Many also viewed the celebration via a live stream transmitted by a participant.

The food companies were both sponsors and advertisers in Hasiyum, the official program distributed to 150,000 participants. Some had their logos emblazoned across the high-tech video screens. One of the food companies called it a “branding opportunity of a lifetime.” The companies that participated in the sponsorship and advertising included Kedem, Manischewitz, Mehadrin Dairy, Gefen, Klein’s Ice Cream, Schtark, Mezonos Maven, Empire, A&B Famous, Taam, Eden, and Haolam.


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  1. i.e., already brands that most frum Jews are more than familiar with.

    In reality what it looks like is that some potentially unknown brands failed to take advantage of “the branding opportunity of a lifetime” (where a branding lifetime would seem to be measured as approximately 7.5 year)

  2. and why not? lehavdil companies do it at every sporting event concert etc…when else do the yidden get to “push” their stuff? in all reality there isnt that much competition out there between brands but especially the old familiar ones..


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