Kosher Meat Prices In The US To Skyrocket By Up To 79%

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Beginning next week, there is an anticipation of a significant surge in the prices of kosher meat across the United States. One contributing factor behind this price hike seems to be the escalating costs of cattle in the country. According to a price chart specifically focused on Feeder Cattle, the cost per pound of cattle meat stood at approximately $125 both in 2005 and 2020, whereas it has now soared to $248 per pound.

As a consequence of these developments, Springfield Wholesale Meat, which serves as the primary distributor of kosher meat in the northeastern region of the US, is adjusting its prices accordingly. In a communication directed at kosher food chains, the meat distributor expressed, “We regret to inform you that Solomon’s has notified us of a substantial price increase on domestic beef, which will come into effect starting this week.”

This significant price adjustment is scheduled to take effect on Monday, July 24th.



    • This article is childish. The price quoted is for a feeder cattle futures contract betting on the price fluctuation of 50,000 lbs of meat.
      It is at 247 today and mostly over 200 since early 2023.
      Last year this time was in the $180’s. It is about a 35% rise, much of which has already been added into this years price increases. See what you are already paying at your local kosher butcher or store.
      Heavy additional increases are just taking advantage of the frim consumer, many who just buy no matter what.

    • Meat must be eaten for purposed of fulfilling the mitzvah of rejoicing, as the Rambam maintains, which is the reason we may not eat meat or drink wine in the 9 Days (except when making a siyum or a bris), especially on the day before Tisha b’Av.

  1. They destroy cattle to raise prices. 18,000 cattle were killed in Texas 3 months and many more all over the world.

  2. Just a little food for thought.The while meat pricing is out of control.Here are a few examples for comparison. These prices are as of today in moishes for the kosher and shoprite for the non kosher.
    Marrow bones 11.99 kosher non kosher 2.99
    Rib eye steak 23.99 kosher non kosher 16.99
    Flanken with bone 24.99 kosher non kosher 10.99
    Prime rib 22.99 kosher non kosher 6.99
    Just a few examples.For all those of you who say we only use half the cow a little info Rubashkin produced glatt kosher ,regular kosher ,non kosher and hallal.put then pen to paper and tell me how you can justify now the pricing and with the additional increase a 300% mark up .How can you tell a family to pay $30 a pound for flanken or the outrageous price increases. I am open to suggestions on how to make the prices stay the same through Yom tov .This will have an impact across the board.Not just families struggling to put meat on their tables for shabbos and Yom tov.The restaurants ,catering halls,yeshiva will really be hurt by this and we as the consumers will be picking up the slack.


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