Kosher Paper Towels Arrive

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spongetowels-ultraSusan Sampson of The Star-Toronto reports: Just in time for the big pre-Passover cleanup, SpongeTowels Ultra have been certified kosher. Many standard paper towels are glued to the tube with an adhesive containing starch that is not kosher for Passover for Ashkenazi Jews. They would have to avoid at least the last sheet, but now they don’t have to worry about any contamination. No non-kosher animal by-products are used in the manufacturing of the paper towels, either.

During Passover, corn, legumes and rice (known as kitniyot) are prohibited for Ashkenazi Jews (from Central and Eastern Europe). They are permissible for Sephardic Jews (Middle Eastern background).

The Kashruth Council of Canada inspected the factory in Crabtree, Que., and certified the towels kosher. The maker, Kruger Products, says the change is a response to consumer demand. Suggested retail price is $7.99 for six rolls.

{TheStar/Noam Newscenter}


  1. i eat paper towl roll!!! come on who are we fooling? ourselves? come on what has this come too. i am selling brand new kosher l’ passover toilets. only 400.00 each

  2. They are price competitive in the Canadian market. They are also among the largest manufacturers in Canada, so quality is not an issue.

  3. It is forbidden (for Ashkenazim) to eat kitniyot on Pesach. It is not forbidden to own them or to glue paper towels with them.

    I do not understand how New World species like maize, peanuts, and quinoa can be under the minhag, since they were unknown when the minhag was adopted and we aren’t m’dameh milta l’milta in a minhag. It would seem to be the same as the dispute between the Chai Odom and the Divrei Chaim about potatoes, and the Divrei Chaim’s position (permitting potatoes) has prevailed.

  4. In the overpriced store known as Walmart, you can get six towels for under $5 – all you have to do is throw away the last one.

  5. like any other items kosher lepesach cutlery toilet paper plastic plates cups
    you can see how false this is
    there are KOSHER LEPESACH CUPS and on the cups are the picture of greek orthodox symbol mamesch avoideh zorah i checked it on the internet and it is true and this we take in our mouth and we make brochoh before we drink and the whole world is buying them because there is a hechscher ,the next think we will have ZELEM on other products with hechscher and it will be kosher or we will put ZELEM in our house with hechscher and will be kosher

  6. We’ve been happily eating the other paper towels for years, so we’re fine with that. This year we may make a casserole with paper towels, paper napkins and toilet paper. Yummy!

  7. The craziness over kitnios is a misguided twist on the fact that chometz on pesach is not butul even the smallest amount(according to some poskim). Therefore it has become necessary to go great lengths to ensure our food doesn’t have the smallest amount of chometz in it. All of the chumros of Pesach are based on that and while some go very far they all have a halchick basis.

    This does not fit into that category, and appears to be plain old nonsense. The minhag not to eat kitnios should not have chumros attached to it as it is a minhag in the first place and no one is claiming that it is chometz. You are not eating it (certainly intentionally) and there is no reason to be “machmir”.

    In my opinion it is important for a person to examine the various chumros that they chose to take on regarding pesach and determine if they are legit before passing on a new “essential” chumra to the next generation.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

  8. It’s amazing how dumb, stupid, & ignorant people are when it comes to hilchos Pesach. Any idiot that buys these or any other “Kosher” paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, etc… ought to have his head examined & have his voting rights stripped from him!

  9. To inform all: the issue on hand is not eating the paper towel. Many peopl when making shnitzel for example will place paper towels in between their pieces of shnitzel to absorb some of the oil. If the paper towel has kitniyos in it you will have kitniyos in your shnitzel. Also there is an issue with the first couple of sheets that they stick to each other (to ensure that it doesn’t unroll) with a starch! Happy Toweling!

  10. With all due respect to those that criticize “kosher paper towels”, I suggest that you get your facts straight.

    The issue of starch used in paper products such as paper towels and uncoated paper plates is not a new issue. In fact it was brougt to light over a decade ago when Rabbonim learned that companies who make paper towels and other paper products use starches as a binding in these products. Obviously, because they are not edible, owning or using such products is not a problem — UNLESS they come into contact with food.

    Thus, as many Pesach newsletters have pointed out, it is preferred to not allow paper plates or paper towels containing starches (which could be chometz) to come into contact with hot or wet food which could cause the starch to be released into the food.

    Certainly this is a chumrah. However, given that b’nai yisroel is a nation of kedoshim who go to great lengths to avoid even the slightest contact with chometz on Pesach, it is not unreasonable for a kashrus company to certify that paper products are free from starch and may be used on Pesach. In fact, this is no different than the OU that you might find on Reynolds Aluminum Foil, or Glad plastic bags — neither of which are edible.

    Have a chag kasher v’someyach!!!

  11. To continue #16’s comment.
    Starches are not added to paper as “binding” agents. They are added to increase the opacity, i.e. to avoid “see-through”. Therefore starch is often added to paper which is to be printed upon. Not generally paper towels. There the problem is really only at the roll ends, where “glueing” is done. The type of starch used is dependent on the country of manufacture. In the US corn starch is generally the source, but in Europe wheat starch is commonly used. The problem is real when considering any copying or printing paper (A4 here in EY, US letter in the US). It is easy to check if starch has been added. Just put a drop of iodine on the paper. If there is starch it will become dark purple after a minute or so. So, even though I am not a chumrah person, I believe one should not permit standard paper sheets on the Pesach table, even if printed thereon is a wonderful Pesach drasha.

  12. “Many standard paper towels are glued to the tube with an adhesive containing starch that is not kosher for Passover for Ashkenazi Jews”

    Hence, the issue is Kitniyos, not Chometz.


  13. I actually need to eat kosher for pesach towels or tissue to wrap around some medical supplements=) As hilarious and ingenious as this would be to make up, I’m not=)

  14. halacha says that kitnios is buttul BROV that means something that is 49.9 percent kitnios is 100% kosher for passover

    according to all shittos

    Chag Kosher Vsameiach

  15. THE COMMAND IS NOT ONLY NOT TO EAT ANY CHAMETZ BUT ALSO NOT TO POSSESS ANY OR OBTAIN ANY BENEFIT FROM CHAMETZ.If paper products are starched with wheat flower then surely one is possessing and obtaining a benefit from chametz.


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