Kosher Shock Popping Candy in Time for Purim

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popping-candy“Popping candy” just in time for Purim, an all-time kids’ favorite, is now certified kosher under the Volover Rov, Rav Nuchem Ephraim Teitlebaum.

Although popping candy has been an “all-American” part of most kids’ childhood, until recently, the product has been manufactured exclusively overseas. And while most kids have had the good fortune of experiencing the sheer mouth-exploding bliss that comes with popping a handful of popping candy into their mouths-there has never been a kosher option. Until now, that is.

Kosher Shock has announced the launch of Shock Popping Candy just in time for Purim 2012. Unlike earlier versions of “popping candy,” Shock is completely kosher and also made entirely in America. The product will be distributed globally and is poised to make a tremendous impact on the kosher marketplace.

From the start, “pop rocks” was an international sensation. When the original version hit the shelves in the 1970s, it revolutionized the confectionery industry. In fact, 500 million packages were sold in 18 months, becoming “the hottest selling candy in history.”

Today, Shock Popping Candy will take this wonderful tradition a step further, by expanding into the kosher market, one of the world’s fastest-growing food sectors.

Shock has hit grocery aisles across the globe with a bang. It will explode off shelves with 3 shocking flavors: Sour Blue Razz Tongue Paint, Sour Green Apple, Just Sweet Strawberry! The products are available in single-pack 48-count shelf displays,. The candy is also PARVE (dairy-free).

Manufactured For Kosher Shock Inc Shock Popping Candy is the only American company producing Carbonated Crystals,TM the ingredient that gives Shock its ‘pop.’

For more information on distribution opportunities worldwide please email [email protected]

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  1. #1 This PR hack is misleading, there have always been kosher options for Pop rocks.
    #2Why is Matzav publishing an advertisement as news?

  2. There was a similar candy available about 25 years ago kosher certified it came in a little pouch…I think it was called rock pops….it was certainly kosher…

  3. Thank you SHOCK for making this fantastic novelty candy. I picked up 10 packages and my grandkids are thrilled. The flavors are great and best of all they really pop, unlike the other candies out there that claim to pop and fall flat. These are a great new sensation and I can’t wait to put them in my Shalach Manos.

  4. Candy is great! Once I dive into candy espesially this I cant get out! Thanx so much for providing the world with this.


  5. To the commenters who said that there is a kosher option available- unfortunately Pop Rocks are no longer kosher and have not been for more than a decade.
    I will tell you that I have tasted this new product and can say it is just as good if not better than the original -now treif- candy. It is an amazing product!!!!!


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