Kosher Version of Sherlock Holmes Released

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sherlock-holmesA kosher version of Sherlock Holmes? “Elementary, my dear Watson!” Arutz Shevah reports that the Israeli branch of the American-based Bilson publishing company has released a version of the popular detective series adapted for the religious public.

The publication is part of a series of educational books intended to teach English to Israeli students. Although Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s mystery novels place Sherlock Holmes in London, the accompanying CD was recorded by American narrators, in a phonetic way for Israeli students to quickly grasp American-accented English.

In a press release, the publisher stated that chareidirabbonim have approved the content and that “it doesn’t contradict the spirit of Judaism.”

The series is distributed by Yafeh Nof publishers and will be available at bookstores and supermarkets within Israel’s religious communities.

 {IsraelINN/Yair Israel}


  1. Read it many many years ago.
    Sherlock Holmes was written very clean. They may have taken out some references to Xmas or a church, but otherwise this was should not have been a difficult project.

  2. Yes, but the series was very full of pritzus. I remember liking it and then thinking about sharing it with my teenagers … I decided not to. So I don’t know what they cleaned up but yes it needed it.

  3. What is there treif about the Sherlock Holmes stories? I can think of a couple with situations that might not occur in a chareidi environment, but don’t chareidi kids know that non-Chareidi people date, etc.?

    Remove the couple of stories that could be problematic and leave the rest alone. I’m sure Doyle was a better writer than any of the “adapters” for this one.

  4. #3: Where is the pritzus? Scandal in Bohemia? Charles Augustus Milverton? A Case of Identity?Even those are exceedingly tame!!

  5. Tame in comparison to what? Remember, most of the children reading the stories would have no clue about blackmail, or what the back-story for “Bohemia” is about.

    However, these are only a handful of stories. The rest are quite suitable “as is.” Perhaps it’s a ploy to get the stories past our chareidi “censors,” or, simply, to turn a profit for the publishing house.

    Otherwise, you could just buy a mainstream trade book and tear out the necessary pages.

  6. There is also a matter of very graphic violence in some of the short novels such as Sign of the Four and Valley of Fear.(think those were the titles).


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