Krauthammer On Obama: “One Of The Emptiest Speeches I Have Ever Heard”

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krauthammerCHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I was stunned. This is a man who gave one of the great speeches of our time in 2004, and he gave one of the emptiest speeches I have ever heard on a national stage. Yes, it had cadence, and yes, there were deceptions in it, but that is not what is so striking about it. There was nothing in it. This is a man who believes that government can and should do a lot. There is nothing in here that tells us how he’s going to go from today to tomorrow. For any of the so called goals and what government is going to do, what is he going to enact?

At least Romney had a five point plan. What we heard from Obama was a vision. And he pulls numbers out of a hat. 100,000 new math and science teachers. 600,000 more people working in natural gas. Two million more trainees, and he doesn’t say how we get from A to B. It’s a vision. I have a vision of an America where there is no disease and everybody has a private airplane, but unless I tell you how we get there, I’ve said nothing. And what is so surprising, is that – all he had left – he can’t speak about his record on the economy, and it’s not a good one. As we heard, he didn’t speak about achievements, the one that’s liberals like, ObamaCare, stimulus and etc… they’re unpopular.

So, at least he would talk about the future, what he’s going to to. There was nothing there. I’m amazed that he was — it was like this is a guy who is the A student in the class turning in a paper clearly a C, and the teacher says, “How could you do this? Why did you mail it in?” I felt the Biden speech was infinitely better, because it was empathic and carried a message, but the Obama speech, I thought was flat and had no content in it. Otherwise, I loved it, really…

KRAUTHAMMER: Well, it is the heart of the debate with Republicans and Romney. The heart of the debate between left and right, since the French Revolution. The individual or community, and he stands for the community, which he translates as government. So with that abstract, a cleverly sealed argument.

But, that is not what you’re talking about in an acceptance speech, when you’ve been in power for four years. People expect you to say I’m going to do X, Y, and Z, and we didn’t hear any of that. So, as a philosophical issue, yes, but without any of that meat on the bone, I think it rings quite hollow.

KRAUTHAMMER: I think it does [affect Independents] and I think it’s a negative. If you’re an independent and aren’t a committed person on the left or right. And you were sort of a pragmatist, and you’re listening and the President offers you numbers out of a hat, he wants a lot of this and that. He’s mentioning again and again with wind and solar and algae, but he didn’t use a word, he used biofuel. And you say, I’ve heard this, this is nothing new. This, is what he tried, he talked about. Where is the meat to make me think that I should have hope and faith? That we will achieve anything? That is what I think he’s lacking. I think for independents, it will send him somewhat backwards.


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  1. This morning after listening to the President’s speach, I walked to the post office to pick up my food stamps with more energy.
    I thank the President for the vision. I thank my fellow amricans for their courage. Most of all I thank China for working and supplying the funds.


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