Kremlin Was Duped by Its Own ‘Sleeper Agents’ in Ukraine

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It’s no secret that Russia had installed its own moles in Ukrainian government agencies long before the full-scale invasion on Feb. 24, but a new report sheds light on just how sloppy the Kremlin’s plans for “sleeper agents” to ensure a quick takeover actually were. Sources cited in an extensive investigation by Reuters published Thursday said the Kremlin was duped by its own proxies, who exaggerated their own influence and ability to pull off what Russia wanted and then failed to carry out their tasks. One person close to Russian-backed leadership in the east of the country was quoted saying the Kremlin had staked its bets on “clowns” who “know a little bit, but… always say what the leadership wants to hear because otherwise they won’t get paid.”

Some of Russia’s proxies have already been nabbed by Ukrainian prosecutors, like Putin crony Viktor Medvedchuk, who is behind bars awaiting trial on treason charges. The Kremlin’s “sleeper agents” scheme has also sparked a slew of investigations by Ukrainian prosecutors, including of officials linked to Chernobyl. Sources cited by the news agency said Russia’s weeks-long occupation of the power plant was actually years in the making, with Russian agents sent to bribe officials there as early as 2021 in the hopes of a quick capture. Read more.


  1. The media have been bashing Putin all the years, so he must be doing something right. Since Feb. Russia have cleansed many tunnels, destroyed many nuclear facilities and this week they captured the 2nd biggest Ukrainian nuclear power plant. Russia is not capturing cities, they’re capturing nuclear plants and dangerous bio chemical weapons labs.


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