KUDOS TO THE MAYOR: Eric Adams’ Incredible Pro-Yeshiva Speech at Teach NYS

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  1. The kudos go to the mayor’s great speechwriter. What does the pandering mayor have to say about the crime and filth in his great city? What does the mayor have to say about the great exodus from his great city? How does the mayor explain booting United States vets from homes to make room for illegal aliens?

  2. While KUDOS is appropriate I’m thinking אי מעוצבך ואי מדובשך. Don’t make nice to me in my face and stab me in the back, a la the Democrat party line.

  3. Great. Now he can continue ignoring the crime and invasion of the city. He has our vote because he said the right thing at an event that was ignored by most of the media…
    Appreciation – Yes.
    Re-elect – No.

    • before you to commit to not reelecting him, first see who his opponent will be. (some jew hating commy socialist)

  4. i worked for many years in a public high school. it was an education for me, having only gone to a bais yaakov school all my life. our children —and i know its not all of them, but it is most—-can read two languages in two different directions with two different alphabets, in two different languages. most of the kids i worked with could not read english in high school . the public schools should pleading with us to explain how we do it, how we teach kids to think, to know what belongs to the kid sitting at the next desk and not to themselves, how to measure a wall, a fence, the volume of a cup. there was a non-jewish family living on my very jewish block. why did the parents choose to live in our community? because, they told me that they wanted their children to iun a place where it was normal for kids to go to school–and because of the parents’, all their children did well despite having gone only to public schools. and, you know what? everyone in the community benefits, including the yiden living here, if the goyim are getting a proper education

  5. Lemysseh, he’s very much a significant of the Democrat party leadership and his positive opinion can possibly help! So let’s be careful not to ruin things.

  6. Some of the comments above are really hisgarus b’umos and kofey tov.

    The way things are today a NY Democrat who doesn’t border on open hostility and doesn’t look for fights with the frum community is a good guy. Adams is from the rare Democrats that when it comes to things the frum community values like Yeshiva education and crime always says the right things, he has always acted friendly to the frum community. Even before he became mayor he was from the only if not the only Democrat to speak out against the “red zones” and to protest Cuomo and De Blasio’s anti semitic rhetoric.

    He is not the one who made all the pro crime laws in NYC and again he is from the few Democrats to speak against them.

    There should not be any vitriol directed against him. Even if you don’t expect to vote for him next time aorund


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