Kushner In Bahrain On Middle East: ‘Turn Region From Conflict To Commerce’

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White House senior adviser and presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner said on Tuesday that while a political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is necessary, economic conditions are crucial to solve the seven-decade long issue, remarking “today is not about the political issues. We will get to those at the right time.”

“What we have developed is the most comprehensive economic plan ever created specifically for the Palestinians and the broader Middle East,” he said at the “Peace to Prosperity Workshop” in Bahrain, the first part of the Trump administration’s Mideast peace proposal. “We can turn this region from a victim of past conflicts into a model for commerce and advancement throughout the world.”

Additionally, Kushner had a message for the Palestinian people: “Despite what those who have let you down in the past say, President [Donald] Trump and America have not given up on you. This workshop is for you.”

Ahead of the workshop, which concludes on Wednesday, the Trump administration released a 40-page document on Saturday detailing a $50 billion, 10-year investment plan for the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.





  1. Hoping for the best is a positive thing but living in circumstances that depend on wishful thinking and ignoring serious issues that ought to be considered – is not likely to end the way one wished for

  2. Nice speech he made, but you cant make peace with ppl who dont desire it. They need to stay the way they are as an excuse to do what they love doing. Destroy the state of Israel and kill.


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