Kushner: No Green Light From US To Israel’s West Bank Sovereignty For ‘Some Time’

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Washington will not give a green light to Israel’s plans to apply its sovereignty to West Bank areas for “some time,” special advisor to US president Jared Kushner said Monday.

At a press conference, Kushner stressed that Jerusalem has agreed to not proceed with the move without a nod from the United States.

He asserted that bringing a normalization between Israel and the United Arab Emirates to life was for now at the top of the priorities list.

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  1. No harm done.
    This sovereignty business was a double-edged sword in the best of all cases.
    It left the remaining 70% of the area in a legal limbo.
    Plus it would have created such a backlash from the EU, that the benefit of the whole exercise would have been put into question.
    The downside is though that any young shnook feels he can throw his weight around and twist Israel’s arms.

  2. “Jerusalem has agreed to not proceed with the move without a nod from the United States”

    In other words, Israel is no longer an independent sovereign state. A declaration of “sovereignty” would be a joke coming from a country over which some other country has veto over its actions.

    The Presidents most hostile to Israel were Eisenhower, Ford, and Reagan. While they twisted the arms of Israeli Prime Ministers into pretzels, they never publicly stated that Israel was not going to take some action without the advance okay of the United States. Reagan was absolutely furious with Begin over the Lebanon invasion, supporting multiple UN resolutions that condemned Israel’s actions and even threatening at one point to support UN sanctions (as Eisenhower had in 1957), but he never asserted veto power over the country the way Kushner has. (Begin would have done well to listen to Reagan, but Eisenhower and Ford’s demand for withdrawal from Sinai in return for nothing deserved to be resisted. Rabin was able to, but Ben-Gurion wasn’t able to because Israel would not have survive sanctions.)


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