Kyle Rittenhouse To Sue Biden, Campaign For Libel

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An attorney representing alleged Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse has announced plans to sue Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his campaign for libel on his client’s behalf after Biden shared a video that appears to suggest the teenager is a White supremacist.

Lin Wood, Rittenhouse’s civil attorney, confirmed to Fox News on Wednesday his intention to sue the former vice president and his campaign on his client’s behalf, just hours after Biden posted the 50-second clip to Twitter.

Read more at Fox News.



  1. Nuisance suit. Laughable. When asked if he shot anybody he said no , no humans. He crossed state lines and killed two people, injured one.

    • Joe Biden admitted reluctantly to abusing women who worked for him. Apparently you have no problem with that. Would you invite him to be a sleepover guest in your house?

    • What does your comments have to do with the libel suit. For killing people he’ll have his day in court. It’s not laughable to call a 17 year old a white supremist when he is not.

  2. If this is allowed into court, it will force a decision to legally clarify what the difference is between a militia dedicated to self-defense and a right-wing conservative position on the Constitution, versus white supremacy.
    This might clarify to the left and liberals what the non-white-supremacist-right-wing-conservatives are fighting for, which could be a good thing.
    If the court has the guts to recognize the clear difference.
    If the media covers it.


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