Lakewood Askanim: Stay Home

>>Follow Matzav On Whatsapp!<< has spoken with several askanim in Lakewood, NJ, who have urged residents to stay indoors. No one should be driving under the current conditions, they say. In case of an emergency, be sure to call 911 or Hatzolah.

Almost two feet of snow are expected to fall during the current storm.

A reporter who just returned from helping people who were stuck tonight tells us that a number of streets, including portions of Clifton Avenue, are closed to motorists.

In addition, we are told that snow plows have encountered problems plowing certain roads due to cars parked there. All roads should be kept clear for plows and emergency vehicles.

Readers are also asked to inform all those who may be en route to Lakewood to “absolutely avoid Lakewood Farmingdale Road/Squankum Road, where driving conditions are absolutely hazardous,” a Hatzolah volunteer tells

{ Lakewood News Desk}


  1. Do we really need asskonim to teach us common sense?
    Aren’t we allowed to think a little bit for ourselves? Or is that also now assur?

    PS How come Matzav has shut its web site?

  2. The Lakewood Public Works should learn from NYC where snow is combated right when it starts to fall, & not wait for it to pile up, then plow leaving an inch of snow to turn to ice.
    Homeowners should be shoveling the snow whether or not they live in their houses – Chamirah sakantah meissurah –

  3. Instead of our wonderful “Askonim-Bnei Torah” telling us what to do and how our roads are closed, they should rather focus on getting the basic services that a citizen would expect running. There is no excuse for the state of our roads. The entire Shabbos not a snow plow was seen near the Spruce st. area that I live!

  4. Pardon my ignorance, but here in Baltimoe, we ask the appropriate government agency whether it is safe to drive. I never heard of asking “askanim’ if the road is safe.How did we get to this point?

  5. I think all those politicians in Copenhagen should tell us how to increase global warming now so we can end the snowstorm! If it’s so easy to warm the planet by driving our SUVs,then by all means, everyone rev up your engines and see if that helps!!!

    (just making fun of Al Gore and his cronies!)

  6. Askanim, do we need to breathe tomorrow also? Maybe we need “breathe in, breathe out” instructions on a daily basis. Can you please provide us with that?

  7. B”H my kids got back to Lakewood from Boro Park after almost 4 hours. We were ignorant and should have made a few phone calls before letting them set out on the road.
    Yes, here too in Brooklyn we have not seen not heard snowplows but don’t be suprised to see meter maids writing tickets!
    To the above renter, perhaps you should shovel the snow for your landlord! Don’t complain, he’s renting you living space!

  8. one of my neighbors got stuck in middle of the rd because the township plow stuck him in. he asked the driver before he passed the spot to pick up the plow so he doesnt make it worse as they were digging out. the guy was so nasty and refused to liftt he plow!!!. there is gona be a tumel aboutt his one because myself and a few other guys helping were there and are wittness to what happened and how the township employee WHO WE PAY only made it worse!
    now the guy is stuck and if the car gets impounded for blocking the street he will have to pay big $$$$ but we will all testify for him because we are sick and tired of such treatment

  9. AFAI read it, the askanim didn’t come to Matzav; for some reason Matzav went to the askanim. Maybe there’s a story there.

    For residents who want to know what kind of services, plowing, etc. will be available on a weekend, when it’s not possible to reach the proper city offices, it makes perfect sense to go to the frum people who have their numbers.

    We were notified, Thursday morning, of an all day Friday water shutoff that there was no good reason for (it was part of a larger project, and we had been assured of advance noticed AND that there would only be intermittent shutoffs, i.e. no more than a half hour at a time). After calling the appropriate office I called a frum council member who was able to reduce the shutoff time to a few hours in the morning.

    Now I don’t live in Lakewood but it seems to me that there’s nothing to get bent out of shape over. Maybe Matzav can do an update including the missing salient facts.

  10. There is a limit on what askonim can do. Even if you think that they did not do enough, or too much or whatever, any criticism should be
    offered with respect. Ask yourself if you could or would do any better.

    Again, this is probably not the place to make these kind of comments anyway.


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